Customer Service Technology
for Remote Teams

No matter where you are, Kustomer ensures your remote customer service team is an omnichannel support powerhouse, with the tools
and insights to help manage an influx of customer needs,
even when everyone’s remote.

Instant Access. Seamless Connections.
No Strings.

Work from Anywhere

Kustomer simply requires any internet browser with a standard WiFi connection. No downloads. No plugins. No premium internet connection needed. Even when the team is separated, Kustomer is always ready and available for you to provide exceptional experiences together.

Collaborate as One

Whether your team is remote, multi-located, onshore, offshore, or wherever, you are operating together—business as usual. Loop in cross-functional teams by making your colleagues Collaborators within the platform. Features like Notes, Following and @Mentions enable you to conduct internal communications for thorough, expedited service, and integrations with productivity tools like Slack and Jira ensure everyone stays organized and informed.

Manage with Confidence

Actionable Oversight Keeps Your Finger on the Pulse

The Kustomer platform allows supervisors to see exactly what agents are working on in real time. Quickly jump to the customers and conversations agents are viewing from the Team Pulse dashboard, which acts as a remote command center helping to manage queue assignments, agent availability, and capacity all from one screen.

Cut Costs with One Solution That Does It All

Consolidate Your Tech Stack

Our open and flexible CRM platform integrates with any customer data systems, creating a full, detailed picture of every customer. Our integrations go beyond view-only, where your data can be searched, reported, and acted upon directly in Kustomer, so agents manage all operations in a single, powerful solution.

Modern, Multimodal Experiences

Let customers engage your brand and drive the digital experiences they expect, across any combination of channels that reaches resolution fastest. It’s no sweat for agents, since Kustomer manages all channels equally, and maintains continuous, threaded conversations across any combination of Email, Live Chat, SMS, Voice, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, and WhatsApp.

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