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Kustomer brings together CRM, customer engagement, and helpdesk
software into a single omnichannel platform.


RIP tickets, siloed conversations, and make-shift CRMs that frustrate customers and agents alike.

Kustomer is a modern, turnkey CRM platform designed specifically for customer service. By connecting tools, processes, and data into a single omnichannel workspace, the Kustomer platform empowers brands to deliver exceptional and consistent service experiences across all channels, while reducing the cost and complexity of service operations.

Complete, easy to deploy, and built for scale, see why dozens of companies made the switch to the leading Zendesk alternative: Kustomer.

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‣ 96%

ThirdLove achieved a 96% CSAT after switching from Zendesk to Kustomer

↓ $4

Bulletproof saw up to $4 reduction in cost per contact after switching to Kustomer.

‣ 84%

Glovo deflected 84% of conversations using Kustomer CRM-powered bots

Kustomer vs. Zendesk: See How We Stack Up



Customer Portal 90% 85%
Chat/Live Support 91% 86%
Email to Case 91% 88%
Voice 89% 82%
Omnichannel 91% 83%
Knowledge Base 87% 85%
Ticket Collaboration 91% 85%
Ease of Use 87% 85%
Customer Profiles 91% 82%
Customer and Contacts Database 91% 82%
Customization 89% 80%
User, Role & Access Management 90% 82%


All satisfaction statistics based on user ratings from G2® Help Desk Comparison: Kustomer and Zendesk.
Comparison data pulled 08/02/2023.


The Kustomer Differentiators

Unify Omnichannel Operations

View the entire customer experience at a glance.

  • Merge customer data across relevant systems and channels into one customer-centric workspace.
  • Get a single-screen view of the entire customer journey in chronological order.
  • Quickly find, share, and act on information across platforms from a central place.

Let Conversations Flow Across All Channels

Deliver seamless support across all digital channels from a single interface.

  • Support email, chat, social, SMS, and voice from a single interface.
  • Seamlessly switch between channels to meet customers where they are.
  • Leverage historical customer data to orchestrate personalized engagement.
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Fuel Efficiency With AI, Powered by CRM data

Reduce response times, maximize team efficiency and meet demand at scale.

  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks with powerful process automation.
  • Deliver instant resolution with frictionless self-service powered by CRM data.
  • Deploy bots across the customer journey using a visual bot builder.
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Easy to Deploy, Customize, and Maintain

Launch a full-fledged omnichannel CX operation within weeks.

  • Turnkey tools to set up channels, customize branding, configure sophisticated business rules, and integrate third-party platforms.
  • Visual bot builder to build and deploy CRM-powered bots across the customer journey.
  • No dedicated administrator, expensive consultants, or system integrators required.
Modern CX

Hear From Our Customers Who Made the Switch

“There’s so much opportunity to leverage Kustomer’s API and help create a more seamless customer and Fit Stylist experience. We want to improve our customers’ ability to self-service, and provide our Fit Stylists with additional tools to improve their knowledge so they can effectively resolve issues. We’re excited to continue to grow the relationship between ThirdLove and Kustomer.”

Gio Brown, CX Systems Admin Manager, ThirdLove

“Kustomer is the only customer service solution that meets our needs as a global delivery app. Previously, we used three separate applications to support our customers, couriers, and partners. Now, Kustomer lets us manage those relationships in one platform and ensures each conversation is sent to the right agent.”

Sergi Mendez, Global Head of Live Operations, Glovo

“Forget the efficiency of saving five seconds in every customer interaction, This sets a new benchmark for CX success.”

Erica Gutierrez, Customer Experience Manager, Nuts.com

“I love how customizable Kustomer is! With other players in this space, I constantly felt like I was trying to shape my business needs around their tools and what we could hack it to do, but Kustomer fits all my team needs. I love the flexibility and functionality, and we are constantly tweaking things to improve the CX team experience.”

Michelle McCombs, Director, Community Experience, HopSkipDrive

“”We switched to Kustomer in November of last year, which was amazing being able to get launched and successful so fast before the big Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush.”

Amy Coleman, Director of CX, Lulus.com

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