Pricing Plans

Get a next-generation customer service solution at an incredible value.


Unlock the power of Kustomer. Get started with all the core omnichannel functionality for small teams up to 10 users.


per month / per user

What You Get:

    • Email, Chat, SMS, Social, WhatsApp, Self-Service
    • Voice Provider Integrations
    • 60+ App Integrations
    • Custom Objects and Attributes
    • Internal Knowledge Base
    • Standard Reporting
    • Message Redaction
    • Google Authentication


Add collaboration users, CSAT, business hours, and custom permissions. With more users, brands, and languages.


per month / per user

What You Get:

    Everything in Professional, plus…

    • Collaboration Users and Teams
    • Business Hours
    • Multiple Brands and Languages
    • Business Rules and Custom Integrations
    • Internal and Public Knowledge Bases
    • Tracking Events
    • External REST API Calls
    • Standard and Custom Reporting
    • CSAT Measurement and Reporting
    • Multilingual Snippets, Chat, and KB


Maximize efficiency with SLAs, proactive chat, advanced skill routing, and custom conversation statuses.


per month / per user

What You Get:

    Everything in Business, plus…

    • Custom Skill Routing and Proficiency
    • Service-Level Agreements
    • Proactive Chat
    • Knowledge Base Customer Portal
    • Extended API Rate Limit
    • Custom Permission Sets
    • Multiple Business Hours
    • Conditional Fields
    • More Brands and Languages


Everything Kustomer has to offer, including advanced team management analytics & routing, real-time insights, and sandbox access.


per month / per user

What You Get:

    Everything in Enterprise, plus…

    • Real-time Dashboards
    • Unlimited Collaboration Users
    • Enhanced Routing
    • Live Agent Auditing
    • Extended API Rate Limit
    • Set Allowed IP Ranges
    • SAML Single Sign-On
    • Sandbox Access

* All pricing plans include one year contracts and annual payments.

Add AI for Customer Service with Kustomer IQ

Learn More about Kustomer IQ.

KIQ Conversations

Reduce contact rate at scale with intelligent self-service and end-to-end automation.


Start at $15/mo for 100 KIQ Conversations

What You Get:

    • Knowledge Base Deflections Across Chat, Email and Form
    • Chatbots for Web and Mobile Chat, SMS & WhatsApp

KIQ for

Supercharge your support team by eliminating manual triage and automating routine workflows.


per month / per user

What You Get:

    • Conversation Classification:
      1 Model
    • Unlimited Agent Suggestions
    • Unlimited Language Detection

Extend Your Capabilities With These Add-Ons

Enhanced CRM

Customize exactly what users can see and do in Kustomer to ensure your data is secure.

Learn More

API Limit Increase

Increase your API transactions per minute by 1000 RPM.

Starting at


per month / per user

SAML Single Sign-On

Sign in to Kustomer via your SAML 2.0 provider.

Add to Enterprise Package for


per month / per user

Flexible Seating

Add more seat licenses when you need them during busy periods.

Dedicated Enterprise Environment

Ensure topline reliability with your service environment and resources in isolation.

Amazon Connect

Deliver a customized voice experience through personalized IVR trees with enriched CRM information.

Integrate Powerful Tools for Maximum Control


We integrate with leading voice providers. Implementation fees are included in your contract.

Data Warehousing

Connect Kustomer to your preferred data warehouse to store app events for analysis.

Business Intelligence

Compare and analyze your team’s data with company-wide insights.


Our Sales team will help you pick a plan that is right for you. You can also compare plans here. Chat with us or contact us.

Plans are annual. We will work with you on a payment plan if needed.

Yes. Customer security and privacy is a core value at Kustomer, and our team has extensive experience building secure applications. We combine enterprise-grade security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected. See how we protect your business and your customers here.

Absolutely. We have native and partner integrations with a wide range of partners including Amazon Connect, Shopify, Talkdesk, Piesync, Aircall, Segment, Mixpanel, Slack, Twilio, and more. Learn more about our integrations here.

There is no seat minimum.

Our pricing is all inclusive with a few add-on packages for complex organizations and needs. Most of our customers do not require the add on features because everything they need is already included. You may, however, want to pick your implementation and support packages.

We offer a discounted price for subscriptions billed annually. The prices shown on this page reflect this annual discount. Your plan pricing may change if you choose non-annual payment terms.

No. You can add as many team members as you want and your pricing per agent will stay the same.