CRM for Customer Service

Know Your Customers Better Than Ever

Manage and contextualize data to deliver hyper-personalized support and drive smarter processes that scale your business (not your headcount)

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Put the Customer Back in CRM

Legacy CRMs were built to manage cases, not customers. You shouldn’t have to pay more for operational solutions AND modern communication tools in order to provide quality support. With Kustomer, you don’t have to.

  • Flexible and Extensible

    Integrate seamlessly with 60+ plug-and-play apps and integrations, or let us build you a custom integration to solve for even the most unique use case. You’ll unlock the ability to unify all of your data from external systems into granular events you can view directly within the Timeline.

  • Business Process Automation

    Improve efficiency by automating support tasks, from updating customer profiles to highly complex business processes, using custom logic and multi-step branching. Easily configure routing rules to organize, sort and assign conversations to the right agent at the right time.

  • Permissioning

    Have total control over what every user can see and do in the platform, with create, read, update and delete permissioning across the platform – from webhooks to searches. Create highly secure permissions that filter conversations based on customer attributes and ensure only specified users can access your most sensitive information.

The Buyer’s Guide to Your Customer Experience CRM Platform

Download the buyer’s guide to customer service software and learn what you should be looking for in a solution, how to evaluate partners and how to measure success.

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Advanced Automation

Let Workflows Do the Heavy Lifting

Service process automation is critical to scaling your business. Workflows enable you to automate repetitive tasks, providing your team with much needed time and information to resolve difficult conversations quickly.

Artificial Intelligence

Fuel Intelligent Customer Service With Kustomer IQ

Kustomer IQ empowers teams to scale customer service without breaking the bank. Through machine learning, Kustomer IQ contextualizes conversations, generates predictive insights and recommends next best actions, so you resolve more conversations and make more customers happy at every step of the service journey.

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Secure Customer Service

Our Commitment to Security and Compliance

At Kustomer, we believe trust is paramount. We recognize the importance of providing a top-performing CRM application that is not only continuously available, but also complies with regulations set forth by SOC, ISO 27001, and GDPR, among other regulating bodies. It’s our promise to prevent any potential risk of down time, service disruption, or lost revenue. Learn more.

Grow With Us

The best part about adopting Kustomer as your CRM-powered customer service platform is that you also get best-in-class support to ensure your transition is painless. Whether you’re looking to use Kustomer out-of-the-box, or require a more sophisticated set up, our team will be here to help you implement and launch a fully operational and secure solution.

Transform How Customers and Agents Interact Throughout the Customer Service Journey

Keep Everyone Satisfied and Your Brand Profitable

Retain more business with modern support both customers and teams expect: convenient and informative.

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Automate More Conversations With Superior Self-Service

Embrace AI and deflect support volume by helping customers help themselves.

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Ready to discover how AI + Data + CRM equals customer magic?

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