Customer Service Starts with the Customer, Not Service

Facing a customer service crisis, companies grapple with exploding demands, tech shortfalls, and sky-high expectations. Enter Kustomer, our solution that shifts from reactive to proactive, starting service with a “hello” rather than a “help.”

By capturing crucial data upfront, we fundamentally change the customer experience, enabling anticipatory service that addresses needs before they become problems. Our cutting-edge CRM, fusing AI, data, and applications, empowers companies to provide unparalleled service.

Braving the Storm:
The $3.7 Trillion Challenge of Modern Customer Service

Diving into customer service? It’s a wild ride, with Qualtrics spotlighting a $3.7T loss thanks to poor service service.

Imagine battling a storm of demands with too few hands on deck, and AI’s promise of smooth sailing feels more like a myth as leaders navigate these choppy waters. High expectations and rising costs turn it into an epic adventure. No surprise, our service heroes are sweating to keep quality high without sinking the budget.

Forbes: Businesses Lose $75 Billion Due To Poor Customer Service

Unraveling the Frankenstack:
Exposing the Shortfalls of Modern Customer Service Tech

So customer service leaders are in a jam, right? They’re looking for a lifeline, and along come these tech vendors promising an “AI revolution”. “Achieve more with less!” is their rallying cry. But here’s the catch – it’s not working as customers are still dissatisfied and businesses are still bleeding cash.

We’ve dubbed this mess the “Frankenstack”: a mishmash of tech that promises the world but delivers little.

It feels like we’re on a never-ending merry-go-round, constantly chasing after the next big solution without ever truly addressing the root problem. 

Lightbulb Moment:
Uncovering the Gap in Customer Support

You buy a recommended elliptical, but it quits in three weeks. You contact support, and they request standard info (shipping address, purchase details) to start a support ticket—nothing unusual, right?

Here’s the twist: this experience unveils a common flaw in customer service. It’s subtle and often overlooked, but once noticed, it’s an eye-opener. This scenario exposes the limitations of traditional support and highlights how innovative solutions like Kustomer can transform customer service, addressing these overlooked gaps.

Customer Service Starts with
Hello, Not Help

Start Where It Begins, Not Where It Ends

Kustomer captures key data at order placement, not ticket time fundamentally changing the entire customer experience. Others have a conversation, create a ticket, and try and grab context. We create the customer, provide context, and have a conversation.

It’s like catching a problem right at the starting line, not halfway through the race. And remember, no amount of tech or AI can make up for starting in the wrong place.

Revolutionizing Customer Care:
The Kustomer Advantage

Imagine if a fitness company used Kustomer for their support. As soon as a treadmill belt issue is detected, the system alerts the support agent, who then informs the customer that a replacement part is on its way, along with a how-to-fix-it video. The agent also follows up to check on the customer and even extends their subscription to an exercise video series, adding a personalized touch based on shared interests.

It’s like customer service magic.

Our Why: We Believe in the Power of Anticipation

This is our why. It’s a core belief that’s been with us since the company was founded 2015. We believe in the power of anticipation. This belief is woven into our very fabric; everything we do aligns with anticipating what’s next. Anticipation means expecting or predicting something before it happens. 

It’s proactive not reactive. It’s unraveling and addressing the customer story before it even unfolds.It’s preparing for the future based on current observations, data, or trends and it’s the key to delivering exceptional service, creating innovative solutions, and staying ahead of competitors.

The Customer Platform

And how do we deliver our why? With our industry leading customer service CRM

At Kustomer, we understand that the magic lies not only in the ‘what’ of the data but crucially in the ‘when.’ Data is the lifeblood of modern customer service, powering your support platform with timely insights for unparalleled understanding of your customers.

But we don’t stop there. We supercharge this with AI, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.

On top of that we have key applications transform and modernize support.

By synergizing data and AI with our applications, we’re transforming the customer service landscape. We’re not just reacting to customer needs; we’re proactively anticipating them. This approach doesn’t just elevate customer service; it redefines it.

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