Introducing Advanced Data Permissioning To Reduce Agent Workspace Clutter

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Introducing Advanced Data Permissioning To Improve Agent Dashboards and Guard Privacy TW

Having all of your customer data in one place is extremely powerful. A holistic customer view can improve the first-contact experience, enable personalized and speedy service, power proactive customer support, and reduce handle times. While having all your customer data at your fingertips can be empowering, information overload can be overwhelming.

Have you ever had a situation where one of your agents saw information they shouldn’t have? Maybe someone edited an attribute they shouldn’t be able to change. Data permissioning enables greater data security and integrity. Now, with the introduction of attribute level permissions, Kustomer offers a more tailored agent timeline.

What is Data Permissioning?

Data permissioning grants access to a specific user or users. It’s a security practice that puts controls in place to prevent users from accessing or editing data when they shouldn’t be. Organizations can have data security at different levels. With a good data provisioning strategy, you can both control and restrict which groups get access to data within the company and protect your information.

Customize the Controls: Data Permissioning for Specific Teams

Keep customer data for all your brands in one place, and display only relevant information to agents. Configure agent views as appropriate for your business. Kustomer’s customization adapts to customer support teams that are centralized or specialized. Measure and grow customer lifetime value (CLV) across products. Support cross-sell and co-marketing efforts between your brands.

Improve Agent Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

With attribute level permissions, you can control data accessibility for specific attributes. This means that your billing team or fulfillment team only sees information relevant to their role. Focused views drive down average handle times so your team can help even more customers.

Secure Your Customer Data

Kustomer’s commitment to data security is demonstrated by our SOC 2 Level II certification. Restrict data access at the attribute level to mitigate risk and de-risk systems for greater compliance. This is essential for clients with highly private personal information in industries such as financial services. Limit write access, but permit read access to guard data integrity while maintaining accessibility.

Easy Data Permission Controls for Everyone

Putting this functionality in the hands of our users gives administrators greater control of their customer data in real-time. Navigate seamlessly between data permissioning for objects and attributes. Kustomer’s smart settings ensure users don’t create contradictory rules such as granting Write but not Read access. These controls allow you to connect all of your user data to Kustomer’s systems, knowing that you supervise user access.

This next step in Kustomer’s data permissioning model provides enterprise corporations with the controls they need. Learn more by scheduling a quick 15-minute introductory call or check out this overview of our platform.

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