Introducing KIQ Agent Assist — Boost Your CSAT by up to 17% With a Breakthrough AI-Powered Agent Copilot 

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  • KIQ Agent Assist is now Generally Available.
  • An AI-powered agent copilot built on top of our CRM.
  • Increase CSAT by up to 17% and enhance handle time by up to 65%.
  • Pricing: $39 a per month per user on top of your Enterprise or Ultimate plan. 

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, engaging customers and creating meaningful interactions is crucial for business success. For over 9 years, Kustomer has been developing products and capabilities that place the customer at the center of the experience. Our success is largely attributed to the investments we’ve made in incorporating customer data at the core of our innovation. 

While AI is not new to Kustomer, it is now emerging at the forefront in a significantly more strategic capacity, impacting how companies can transform their customer engagement methods. Late last year, we introduced KIQ Customer Assist, an AI-powered self-service bot, which has increased efficiency by 45%. 

Today, we’re taking another step in that direction by launching KIQ Agent Assist, a suite of AI-powered capabilities designed to make it easier than ever for agents to efficiently resolve customer issues. 

What is KIQ Agent Assist? How Does it Work?

KIQ Agent Assist is an AI-powered agent copilot designed to empower agents to be more efficient with automated communication personalization capabilities. Under the hood, it is a suite of AI-powered capabilities built on top of our CRM. These have been developed by leveraging our integrations with OpenAI’s Large Language Models (LLMs) and Amazon Translate to create personalized, customer-aware experiences, at scale. 

Balancing Personalization With Agent Efficiency

With KIQ Agent Assist, businesses benefit from:

  • Efficient resolution: Customer support has long been associated with notoriously long wait times. Not anymore. With KIQ Agent Assist, agents have all the tools they need at their fingertips to resolve customer issues faster — from providing context using past conversations to prompts enabling them to communicate with just a click of a button, to translating conversations into preferred languages. 
  • Higher CSAT and customer loyalty: By leveraging real-time customer data combined with AI, KIQ Agent Assist empowers customer support teams with personalized prompts to engage with their customers, ultimately fostering long-term relationships and encouraging customer loyalty. Customers like Amare have noted a 17% improvement in their CSAT score.
  • Agent satisfaction and retention: One of the primary reasons for agent turnover is dissatisfaction with mundane tasks. KIQ Agent Assist features enable customer support specialists to free up their time from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on resolving high-priority issues. 

Amare Global’s customer service agents have been using KIQ Agent Assist for the past four months to polish spelling and grammar in outbound emails and chats. We’ve also fine-tuned our response shortcuts, making them more effective for 90% of customer inquiries. Agents love how user-friendly KIQ is compared to other tools, especially our ESL agents who find it invaluable for crafting messages confidently.

Jordan Larson CE business Analyst & Tech Admin

Personalized Customer Service Powered by Real Customer Data and AI

Businesses are increasingly feeling the pressure to personalize every customer interaction, even before a customer support ticket is filed. When it comes to driving personalized engagement, the secret sauce is the integration of real customer data with AI.  While many platforms merely “fetch” the customer data, most don’t use the data to power their Customer Support operations. Kustomer’s AI capabilities are fueled by real customer data sourced directly from our CRM. 

  • Relevant customer data: Bad data has created challenges for businesses attempting to foster authentic customer interactions. Many customer support platforms rely on integrations or manual data pulls, often resulting in outdated information and impersonal customer conversations. With real customer data from the CRM powering KIQ Agent Assist, every agent can engage in personalized and precise customer conversations. 
  • Integrations with leading LLMs: We integrate with one of the world’s leading LLMs (OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-3.5 Turbo Instruct, and GPT-4) and Amazon Translate for conversational and instructional capabilities. In the future, we plan to add Amazon Bedrock, Anthropic, and Cohere LLMs to continue our intention to invest in AI capabilities for Customer Support. 

New AI-Powered Features for Agent Efficiency  

As we transitioned from beta to GA we’ve made significant enhancements. We improved the agent experience with new features and bug fixes, while also enhancing the operational maturity of the product. Here are some of the enhancements that are now available to all customers, enabling agents to be more efficient:

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Agent Suggested Responses

Improve agent efficiency by generating suggested responses that agents can choose to use from internal Knowledge Bases. In the coming months, we will be expanding our data sources to give agents access to real customer data from within the Kustomer Platform, giving agents the ability to have context-aware conversations.  

Conversation Summaries

Historically, agents needed to piece information together or request customers to repeat themselves. With Conversation Summaries, agents can now save valuable time and serve customers more efficiently by seamlessly transferring summarized conversations from self-service chatbots to agents or from one agent to another (on demand), providing complete context and enabling uninterrupted customer service.

AI Text Enhancements

Your customer support team is the face of your business. With AI Text Enhancements, agents are empowered to represent the company in the best light by leveraging tools that automatically expand messages into friendlier responses, correct grammar, and tidy up spellings. We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of brand tone selection to help businesses express themselves in their unique character.

Automatic 2-way translations in 53 languages

Expand your reach and support customers around the globe by automatically translating messages between agents and customers. 

Business Metrics and Dashboards coming soon

Report out customer support metrics to your executives with observability dashboards showcasing your top used features, impact on handle time, and improvement in CSAT score.

Suggested Actions coming soon

Automatically categorize tasks with clear actionable next steps, such as transferring to a specialized department for resolution, sending over a help article, or extending a credit offer.

AI Generated Customer Insights coming soon

Gain valuable insights into relevant customer information on the agent timeline. Our AI retrieves critical details from the CRM, such as VIP status or upcoming birthdays, enabling agents to personalize interactions instantly.

Our Commitment to Security & Privacy

At Kustomer, we believe trust from our customers is paramount. We recognize the importance of providing a top performing application that is continuously available, while protecting your data and keeping it private. Our security consists of layers of protection, starting with team policies and procedures, and incorporates continuous monitoring and automation built into our software development cycle. Our commitment to security extends to our partners and trained third-party security professionals who provide guidance, ensure compliance, and validate security across all areas of the organization.  

Learn more about our trust principles here

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