Starting a Revolution: The Launch of the Customer Service Secrets Podcast

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Starting a Revolution: The Launch of the Customer Service Secrets Podcast Twitter
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Three years ago, I wanted to start a podcast so…I did. A mentor of mine, Ken Krogue, told me that if I was going to do it, I needed to be consistent. I’m not sure he thought I’d take his advice but after three years we recorded more than 250 episodes and had nearly 20,000 subscribers. It was a blast and we want to do it again, but this time the focus will shift from the sales experience to the entire customer experience.

This isn’t just another podcast, it’s a podcast focused on customer service secrets. Customer service is broken and you and I both know it. Why? Think about the last time you were surprised by the service a brand provided to you. Can you remember? If you can, it’s probably only happened once or twice in your lifetime and that’s exactly the problem. We as consumers are WOWed by customer service so infrequently that it is a shock when it happens.

I had a friend tell me the other day that he had booked a dinner reservation for his son and when they got there the restaurant immediately welcomed them with birthday wishes and he was…shocked! I was happy for him and I could tell, as he spoke, that he was generally impressed. But, as I thought more about it, I couldn’t help but think, really? He made a reservation for his kid’s birthday and the restaurant acknowledged it? Is that how desperate we are for great customer service? Sadly the answer is yes and it’s got to stop.

The brands that are winning are ones that create memorable and personal experiences with their customers. The phrase “customer obsession” gets thrown around constantly, but it doesn’t quite get to the bottom of how we should be treating our customers, only that we should be obsessing over them. “Customer care” gets more quickly and directly down to brass tacks. When we really, truly care about our customers, and build a company culture that supports this care, we’re able to become leaders and disruptors.

And what do our customers care about in 2020? They no longer want to be treated like a transaction or a ticket. They want to feel like a valued part of the brand, and often choose where to shop because they identify with a brand and believe in their mission and values. Being able to deliver on a brand promise, before, during and after a transaction, naturally leads to a community of advocates. Customer service can be your most powerful tool, building up lifelong fans that go out and market your business for free, or your quickest downfall. The choice is yours.

The Customer Service podcast will launch in the next two weeks and each week a new episode will come out on Thursday’s at 6 AM ET. It will focus on helping leaders transform their customer service, with practical information from thought leaders and practitioners who will share their secrets to delivering exceptional customer service.

We need a new type of customer experience and this podcast will help facilitate it. We want to help build modern CX leaders instead of traditional ones.

  • Modern CX leaders are waging war against transitional thinking and they are winning left and right.
  • Modern CX leaders are turning their service centers into profit centers while traditional leaders are focusing on cutting costs.
  • Modern leaders are asking for forgiveness as they break barriers while traditional leaders are still looking for permission to be great.
  • Modern leaders are doers not talkers.
  • Modern leaders test everything with data while traditional leaders are still guessing.
  • Modern leaders have a playbook, while traditional leaders simply throw hail marys and hope to get lucky.
  • Modern leaders do whatever it takes to win, while traditional leaders are doing their best.
  • Modern leaders are changing the world and traditional leaders are simply trying to change their pay.

If this sounds like you, get ready to join us as we help revolutionize the customer experience!

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