Ada is a leading chatbot provider with a mission to empower businesses to provide personalized experiences – at scale. Ada’s AI-powered platform enables non-technical support teams to automate more than 80% of customer inquiries, boost live-agent productivity by 5x, and save up to 1/3 of your support costs. Give your customers the tools to search and update account information, receive real-time updates, process returns and even make payments – all through an AI powered chatbot.

Kustomer + Ada

Ada and Kustomer have joined forces to build an integration that empowers businesses to deliver contextualized, fast customer service — at scale. Businesses can leverage Ada Glass, Ada’s chatbot solution, to automate routine tasks to free up agents to work on complex requests that require human involvement.

What You Can Do

View the Entire Customer Journey at a Glance

Define keyword triggers within Ada Glass to facilitate a seamless handoff to a live agent within Kustomer, complete with full conversation transcripts alongside customers’ information and previous conversation history, all within a comprehensive timeline view directly within Kustomer.

Use your agents wisely

Automate up to 80% of inquiries so live agents can handle the most critical incidents. Personalize every customer engagement with proactive and reactive responses tailored to each user’s account information, interests, and intent. Learn more about personalization.


Reach customers in their preferred language and channel

Build intelligent and automated customer support in one language and allow Ada to instantly translate to over 100 languages. Provide multilingual support across almost any digital channel.

Automate the customer support experience

Arm yourself with more than just software. Ada’s Automated Customer Experience Framework ensures that your chatbot delivers cost savings, improves CSAT, and generates new revenue.

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