What Is It Like to Work on the Operations and People Team at Kustomer?

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What is it actually like to work here at Kustomer? We’re going to help answer this question in a series of interviews with folks from every department to tell you about their unique experience, and how it applies to anyone looking to join.

 Here’s Robert Charming, Head of Global Operations & People at Kustomer, to share what it’s like to be part of the team that keeps us growing and thriving as individuals and as a company!

Q: What is it like to work on the Operations and People team at Kustomer?

RC: Operations & People are the core drivers of our business. It’s through our people that we push the business forward, moving the needle on the operational goals we set out for ourselves. Being a member of the Ops & People team means being a part of the foundation the rest of the company is built on.

Q: How does Kustomer’s Operations and People team work with the rest of the company?

RC: Well, we impact everyone and a bit of everything. On the people side, we’re partnering with hiring managers to define their needs and work with them to find the right people to add value back into the organization. Once a new team member joins Kustomer, we’re also there to help support them in their professional (and personal) growth. This spans everything from making sure people have markers for the whiteboard, to talking through individual career paths with teammates. On the operational side, we help teams work together to define metrics, drive ownership in the organization, and increase productivity by streamlining processes. The joke is that we’re the WD40 of the organization—and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Q: What are some of the daily tasks expected of the open roles on the operations team?

RC: We’re looking for two roles at the moment—an Executive Assistant to the CEO, and a Talent Acquisition Lead. As the EA to the CEO, the focus will be threefold:

  1. Driving productivity and efficiency into our CEO Brad’s schedule and role.
  2. Overseeing and managing the office, including things like those aforementioned markers, to putting on all company events like our yearly holiday party.
  3. Ad hoc projects across the executive team.

Overall, the EA will drive the organization forward, partnering with both Brad and Robert, Head of Ops and People, to make sure we’re running smoothly at all times.

As the Talent Acquisition Lead, you’d be owning the end-to-end function, from defining roles to bringing on the talent to fill them. We have a solid foundation in place today, but there’s always room to improve. From talent branding to candidate experience and interview training, there’s a lot left to be done, and we strive to make sure the people we engage have an exceptional experience.

Q: What is unique about Kustomer’s culture, and how are Ops and People a part of that?

RC: Kustomer offers you a real sense of ownership in the work that we do. We’re very transparent with everything, from decisions to metrics, to the goals we’re setting for ourselves. This has helped us do a lot with a little and move mountains quickly. We’re proud of our scrappy, resourceful team, and we all band together when we’re facing a challenge. Specifically, the People and Ops team are helping make sure everyone is moving in the same direction with KUSTYS (like OKRs) and many other communication initiatives, like our bi-weekly all-hands meeting.

Q: How does Kustomer set up its employees for growth and success?

RC: There’s quite a few ways to list here. One of the larger things is our KUSTYS, which help define what individuals are working on during a specific scope of time. Other ways are through our benefits; we cover 100% of premiums AND coinsurance for people on our teams, also paying most of the family portions as well. As a member of the People team, we’re advocates for our employees and their best interests. As a team, we’re here to talk through challenges, provide feedback, and ensure we’re all in a place where we can be productive. There’s a lot that goes into that mission.

Q: If you had to describe the People team in one word, what would it be?

RC: We didn’t know how to answer this one, so we asked Brad and his response was “Awesome”.

If all of this sounds makes you think, “Wow, Kustomer sounds like the kind of place I want to work,” then we have some good news. We’re growing fast, and are hiring for People and Ops roles in our NY office RIGHT NOW! If you’re interested in joining our team, apply directly here.

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