Introducing The Knowledge Base, a New Monthly Newsletter From Kustomer

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Introducing The Knowledge Base, a New Monthly Newsletter From Kustomer

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that the world can turn upside down in the blink of an eye… and the customer experience transforms just as quickly. It’s more important than ever to keep our fingers on the pulse of all things CX, not only understanding what’s happening now, but also what’s to come.

Sifting through your inbox for the best news and insights can be time-consuming for anyone, regardless of their profession or industry. That’s why we have some exciting news to share… we’re launching a newsletter! The Knowledge Base will curate the best CX content and insights, and deliver them directly to your inbox each month. It will be a tactical newsletter exploring the customer experience so you can gather insights to build long-lasting relationships with today’s consumers.

We decided to call it The Knowledge Base because, like a good knowledge base, our newsletter will be a useful hub of information that enhances your organization’s CX. We’ve been in the CX game since 2015 and power the CX teams of some of the world’s leading brands, who, in turn, have helped more than 50M customers of their own. That being said, the Kustomer team is well positioned to share our industry-leading insights. 

This is what you’ll be in for:

  • Relevant news, stories, and commentary from top CX influencers and business leaders.
  • Guides, e-books, and research reports on consumer behavior and CX trends.
  • VIP invitations to the most important events designed to educate, inspire, and connect the CX community.
  • Highlights from the most creative and innovative experience makers we find.
  • Little nuggets of wisdom that apply to every business.

Save the date! Our first edition will launch on February 14, 2022, so make sure you’re registered to receive our debut edition of The Knowledge Base.  

If you are a customer experience aficionado like us, join The Knowledge Base community today. Because the better you understand your customer, the better you understand your business.

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