Omnichannel Kustomer Platform Adds MessageBird and Twilio WhatsApp Business Integrations

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The on-demand economy has made it imperative for businesses to provide service via the communication channels their customers use as part of their daily lives. As a truly omnichannel platform, Kustomer has enabled companies around the world to deliver personalized, efficient and effortless service experiences on the channels most convenient and popular with their customers.

We’re excited to announce that we have added MessageBird for WhatsApp Business and Twilio for WhatsApp Business integrations to the Kustomer platform, extending our omnichannel experience and ensuring brands can communicate with their customers wherever it’s most impactful. With over 1.6 billion global users, WhatsApp has grown into one of the world’s largest messaging applications and become an essential customer service engagement channel for businesses operating internationally.

The Kustomer platform provides an actionable timeline view of a customer’s conversations across channels, as well as their transaction history and other relevant data. Companies using MessageBird for WhatsApp Business or Twilio for WhatsApp Business with the Kustomer platform can access WhatsApp conversations directly on the customer’s timeline, where agents can leverage a customer’s data to resolve issues in real time, without ever having to leave the screen.

By maintaining all conversations through the timeline, Kustomer’s omnichannel platform provides a single threaded conversation with all of the relevant context. Agents and customers can switch between channels as needed, while continuing to progress conversations. Customers won’t need to repeat information and agent collision will never occur.

While other customer service solutions provide multiple channels, only Kustomer gives brands a true omnichannel experience by providing a complete picture of their customers, including real-time and historical conversations across all channels in a single location.

The new MessageBird for WhatsApp Business and Twilio for WhatsApp Business integrations are easily installed like other channels on the Kustomer platform. Once a company has inserted their MessageBird or Twilio API key, agents can begin exchanging messages, images, and other rich media with customers on the timeline.

Companies can track the impact of this service by using Kustomer’s native customer satisfaction solution to survey customers engaging via WhatsApp. In addition, WhatsApp Business is incorporated into the reporting and analytics of the platform to give brands complete insight into the performance of their customer service teams.

In addition to MessageBird for WhatsApp Business and Twilio for WhatsApp Business, the Kustomer platform supports e-mail, web and mobile chat, SMS, voice, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, enabling brands to communicate with today’s customers via the channels and applications they demand.

Learn more about Kustomer’s integrations with MessageBird for WhatsApp Business and Twilio for WhatsApp Business here.


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