Connect WhatsApp Business with the Kustomer platform to deliver efficient and effortless service experiences for your customers across the globe. Deploy Kustomer’s CRM-powered chatbots on WhatsApp to deliver instant resolution and scale support without increasing headcount.


How it Works

Easily install the WhatsApp Business Application on the Kustomer platform like all of your other channels and insert your API key to start receiving messages, sharing images, and other rich media from customers.

You can track the impact of your team’s service by using Kustomer’s native customer satisfaction solution to survey customers engaging via WhatsApp. In addition, WhatsApp Business is incorporated into the reporting and analytics of the platform to give you a complete view of the performance of your customer service teams.

Deliver a True Omnichannel Experience

WhatsApp conversations won’t exist in a silo. Agents view all conversations across channels on the customer timeline. By maintaining all conversations through the timeline, Kustomer’s omnichannel platform provides a single threaded conversation about a topic and the relevant context. Your agents and customers can start a conversation on WhatsApp and then switch to another channel as needed while continuing to progress the conversation forward without customers having to repeat information and avoiding agent collision.

Create Frictionless Self-Service Experiences With CRM-Powered Chatbots

Effortlessly scale support on WhatsApp with Kustomer’s powerful chatbots that connect and interact with CRM data and third party systems. Accelerate resolution and boost agent capacity by automating service workflows, and eliminate manual triage by automating routine information collection and routing conversations based on user input and data.

Learn more about Kustomer’s self-service capabilities.

Make Your WhatsApp Conversations Actionable

Your team will know everything about the customer when they message you via WhatsApp. All of your customer data including transaction history, past conversations, and other key information is available on the customer timeline. Agents can not only see this information, but also take action using the data directly from the timeline.

WhatsApp Integration Requirements

Companies interested in deploying WhatsApp need to be approved by WhatsApp for Business API access and have a Twilio or MessageBird WhatsApp account to receive and send messages.

Develop Your Own Integration With Kustomer

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