SupporTrends uses natural language understanding to automatically capture, structure, and organize insight from customer conversations.

Kustomer + SupporTrends

Your customers speak to you every day, whether it’s via chat, phone call, email, social, or other channels in the Kustomer ecosystem. SupporTrends captures all of this information and automatically structures it into its insights platform so that you can finally see the underlying themes through all of the noise.

With this integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand Qualitative Feedback: Customers provide detailed feedback about your product, services, and company every day. We organize and store it so that you don’t have to send them another survey.
  • Identify Product and Feature Trends: Understand which products and services your customers are talking about, and what they love, dislike, or are frustrated with.
  • See What’s Changing Right Away: You don’t always know what questions to ask your customers. By monitoring the pulse of their feedback, we automatically surface the most important trends whether you’re looking for them or not.
  • Review Audio Transcriptions in Kustomer: In addition to the qualitative feedback analysis provided on the SupporTrends platform, we deliver transcriptions of every recorded phone call to Kustomer so that agents can easily access and review them.*

*call recording audio files must be integrated with Kustomer


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