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Fewer Tickets, Way Less Hassle

Shelf is an end-to-end knowledge automation platform featuring the most advanced knowledge management system that powers today’s contact centers with answers. To surface the best information, Shelf’s MerlinAI stores and indexes any type of content (e.g. images, video, PDFs, wikis, audio), and makes all of it discoverable, in every language you support. Whether it’s minute 03:24 or page 17, Shelf automatically finds what you need.

With Shelf and Kustomer, you will deflect more tickets while resolving interactions faster than ever before. Shelf and MerlinAI power your omnichannel CRM with the entirety of your company’s knowledge, delivering answers everywhere your customers connect with you.

AI-driven… Omnichannel… Knowledge Management

Holy ‘buzzwords’. But actually, when combined, we’ve got some of the coolest support technology out there helping teams manage unprecedented ticket volumes.

AI transforms knowledge into discoverable content and powers accurate pinpoint search, then embeds all that directly in your Agent Assist, webforms, FAQs, email, chatbots, and IVR—we integrate with all the leading providers too!

Speaking of Agent Assist.. Shelf is a cinch to deploy (for real)

AI and Agent Assist initiatives are becoming more prevalent across top-performing teams, and Shelf provides both a best-in-class solution and one ready out-of-the-box in less than 72 hours.

Agent Assist delivers answers, recommendations, and content directly in the Kustomer timeline. When you need a Plan B—agents can search the entirety of their Shelf library without exiting, and access decision-based content to help guide them to the best possible solution.

Smarter maintenance equals more accurate answers

Our AI doesn’t just help agents, it streamlines admin work by automating the content management process.

Advanced analytics provide insight and transparency into what your agents and customers are looking for, and suggest what to improve or what’s missing. Integrated content publication ensures you only need to make changes once, and updates are automatically pushed everywhere your content lives.


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