Cuein is a co-pilot for customer experience teams that unifies all customer support data in one place, and answers any kind of question with generative AI. You get complete observability into customer conversations to fix broken chatbot/voice flows, qa live agent workflows and perform root cause analysis.

Bot Optimization – Continuously monitor, A/B test, and build a feedback loop to improve your Bots

Stay on top of shifting customer contact patterns and how they are being handled by your chatbot including measuring key metrics per contact reason. Diagnose breaking points and reveal and repair bot failures to improve deflection and self-solve rates. Summarize actions from the best agents to guide the chatbot design and improve the chatbot responses.

Agent QA – Score all your agents on all their conversations on an actionable rubric instantly

Reduce hours of QA of Agent Interactions by automatically generating agent scorecards via analysis of all chat interactions to surface your top and bottom agent cohorts. Use sophisticated and efficient rubric including inferred CSAT, tone, grammar correctness, product knowledge and policy adherence to enhance actionability of agent QA.

Product Optimization – Mine customer support conversations that holds mirror to your product opportunities

Listen to top product improvement opportunities hidden in your customer interactions. Automate root cause analysis of customer contact reasons and segment them by product improvement themes. Get real time insights on new product and feature launches directly from your customer.

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