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Hotels, airlines and online travel agencies want to provide memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Kustomer helps these businesses rise to the occasion by bringing together data across all of their guest’s touch points to provide exceptional and personalized interactions anywhere, anytime.

Stay in Touch, Anywhere in the World

Your guests are always on the move, and when expectations aren’t met or issues arise, they want an immediate resolution. Kustomer provides omnichannel support across channels, and real-time context of conversations. That means guests have the freedom to connect on the channel that’s most convenient and switch to another channel if necessary, without having to start the conversation over.


Proactively Check-In on Guests

Whether it’s an update on the flight impact of a winter storm, an alert about the low water flow in a hotel bathroom, or just a celebratory birthday note, proactive communication delights guests and makes their lives a little easier. The combination of guest data and AI-powered intelligence in the Kustomer platform makes it possible to send one-off messages as well as automated communications based on guest attributes, directly from Kustomer.

Build Guest Loyalty Through Personalized Conversations

Guests shouldn’t be strangers. Kustomer unifies data from all of your systems to provide a holistic view of their journey, so your agents can provide the first-class service your guests deserve. By using intelligence to automate mundane tasks and complex workflows, your guests are always routed to the right person and your business processes don’t get in the way of the standout experiences that will build loyalty.

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