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Students, parents and alumni can be your biggest advocates or your greatest detractors, and they now expect the same responsiveness and support from schools that they get from businesses. With Kustomer, you can ace the student experience and make them feel valued, by ensuring they get questions answered instantaneously, regardless of channel. Plus, with proactive outreach, you can make students and parents aware of any changes and updates, solving problems before they arise. Make them feel valued, and they’ll return the love in spades.

Proactively Check-In on Students

Whether it’s a change to courses or schedules, an update to remote learning policies, or an invite to the next alumni gala, proactive communication keeps students and alumni engaged, and makes their lives a little easier. The combination of guest data and AI-powered intelligence in the Kustomer platform makes it possible to send one-off messages as well as automated communications based on student attributes, directly from Kustomer.


Be There for Your Students While Staying Efficient

Students expect their issues to be resolved as quickly as possible. But this doesn’t always seem doable when resources are thin and spikes occur. Kustomer uses artificial intelligence to automate manual tasks, route conversations, and allow students to self-serve when appropriate. As a result, your team is more productive, students automatically speak to the most appropriate individual, and your team stays focused on handling the most important issues.

The Data You Need, All in One Place

To truly understand your students and personalize every touch point from start to finish, your team needs access to historical student and alumni interactions and information. Kustomer ingests data from all your systems and organizes it into a single actionable timeline view, enabling you to help students achieve their academic goals. Kustomer’s robust reporting, with both standard and customizable dashboards, gives you easy access to all the information you need to understand your school and processes more thoroughly, and make smarter decisions.

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