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Clients have more knowledge and freedom when making financial decisions than ever before. Loyalty cannot be assumed. Whether you’re a bank, credit union or insurance company, Kustomer ensures customer service is your strongest asset by unifying all client data into a holistic view of the client, making it easy to deliver premiere service across any channel. Plus, with the highest standards in security and compliance, you can rest assured sensitive client data won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Let the Conversations Flow

Clients expect to have access to their assets anywhere, at any time. As financial management increasingly moves to the digital realm, it’s no longer enough to be available on all channels. You need to be able to switch between channels during a conversation without losing context. As a truly omnichannel platform, Kustomer ensures that everyone on your team can view client conversations in real-time and progress conversations forward without clients having to repeat information. Plus, with proactive outreach, you can get ahead of client issues before they happen.


The Data You Need, All in One Place

To truly understand your clients and personalize every touch point from start to finish, your team needs access to historical client interactions and information. Kustomer ingests data from all your systems and organizes it into a single actionable timeline view, enabling you to help clients reach their financial goals. Kustomer’s robust reporting, with both standard and customizable dashboards, gives you easy access to all the information you need to understand your organization more thoroughly, and make smarter decisions.

Invest in Safety and Security

Focus on helping clients reach their financial goals. We’ll focus on the safety and security of sensitive data. Kustomer is designed to meet the enterprise security, compliance, and privacy requirements of your organization, and with role-based-permissioning, you can rest assured that client trust remains intact. Learn more about Kustomer security.

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