The Guide to Delivering a True Omnichannel Customer Experience

Servicing customers in the new omnichannel economy

The concept of omnichannel CX has been watered down. It’s more than simply communicating with customers on every channel. True omnichannel support ensures seamless transitions and consistent experiences from one channel to the next. Companies providing true omnichannel support are collecting and harnessing the information gained through every interaction, across channels, to drive stronger, more meaningful customer relationships, increase revenue streams, and improve operational performance.

With 79% of consumers report getting frustrated when they can’t contact customer service through their preferred medium or platform, it’s important to be available across channels, and provide an effortless customer experience throughout.

Highlights from our Omnichannel Guide:

  • Omnichannel vs. multichannel support: what’s the difference?
  • 3 tangible ways your company benefits from omnichannel support
  • Implementation tips and tricks: actionable ways to operationalize omnichannel
  • Getting the best fit: technology’s role in to your omnichannel customer service strategy
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