The Guide to Moving From Transactional to Conversational Support

Stop treating your customers like ticket numbers

Contacting support can be an uncomfortable and unfamiliar experience. A customer may have used your product for years before ever needing help, or they may be brand new and not very familiar with your interface at all. By making it simple for them to reach you, you’re already clearing the first hurdle they likely expected to encounter.

And if you provide an experience that’s seamless on their end—no matter which method of contact they use—you’ll be creating positivity that leads to lifelong customers. That’s key, because according to Kustomer research, 85% of consumers would avoid a brand due to bad customer service, but 59% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for a brand known to provide outstanding customer service.

Check out this guide to learn how conversational customer support compares to traditional transactional customer support, and how your team can embrace this new mindset to deliver more personalized support at scale. What you can expect to find inside:

  • What conversational support really means
  • Why it’s imperative to adopt a conversational support strategy
  • How to provide conversational support
  • Why conversational support creates lifelong customer relationships
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