Leveraging Proactive Support to Build Brand Loyalty & Business Value

7 Steps to Implementing Proactive Support Within Your Organization



In a post-pandemic world, plagued by inflation and delays, reactive support is no longer the only form of support that consumers expect. CX organizations now identify proactively resolving customer issues as a top priority, after reducing wait times and consistency across channels and touchpoints.

Brands must anticipate customer needs in advance and harness proactivity in order to turn their support functions into a differentiator among the competition. When done correctly, brands that can master the right mix of technology and agent skill set, will be able to blur the lines between marketing, sales and support to leverage proactive support as another revenue driver for their business.

In this guide, we’ll:

  • Define proactive support and differentiate it from reactive support
  • Provide seven steps for your organization to implement proactive support
  • List the potential benefits of proactive support for your business
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