Delivering Better Customer Service to Millions Using AI and Omnichannel CX


  Improved Service Level Attainment by 20%

  Automatically Resolved Up to 84% Of Requests While Maintaining a High Global Satisfaction Rating

Company Profile

Customer Since: 2018

Number of Users: 4,150

Switched From: Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat, LiveChat

Favorite Features: Queues & Routing, Timeline

The Challenge

With plans to conduct millions of conversations per month that span 13 languages and three distinct contact types (customers, couriers, and business partners), Glovo required an Artificial Intelligence-powered customer service solution built to help agents deliver more informative support, boost operational efficiency, and scale with its global platform on the rise.

The Results

  • Unified multiple applications into an all-in-one customer service solution that provides agents with the data and context to resolve issues quickly and accurately.
  • Automatically routed inbound conversations based on native language, contact type, and lifetime order value, ensuring the right agent is always assigned and improving service level attainment by 20%.
  • Engaged high-value customers in proactive efforts, empowering Glovo’s support team to create repeat business and deflect up to 84% of requests on average while maintaining a high satisfaction rating worldwide.


“Kustomer is the only customer service solution that meets our needs as a global delivery app. Previously, we used three separate applications to support our customers, couriers, and partners. Now, Kustomer lets us manage those relationships in one platform and ensures each conversation is sent to the right agent.”

Sergi Mendez, Global Head of Live Operations, Glovo


Glovo, a leading global on-demand delivery platform founded in 2015 and based in Barcelona, Spain, has exploded in just four short years. Now serving customers in 26 countries on four continents, Glovo’s 36,000 couriers deliver food and products, including groceries, pharmacy items, and other consumer goods, to millions of customers daily.

The company’s live operations support team began the search for a new customer service solution two years ago, when the team had only 40 agents. Today, with over 3,800 agents supporting 13 different languages in 14 customer service centers worldwide using Kustomer, it’s obvious Glovo is scaling rapidly, and the company needed a solution that could keep up.

Sergi Mendez, Global Head of Live Operations from Glovo explained, “Our customer service department is a bit different. Glovo’s business model is high volume low margin, so our team’s success is critical to the company’s bottom line. We are called live operations support because we not only react to issues and answer questions, but we proactively communicate and optimize experiences for three different points of contact across our business — customers, partners, and couriers.”

To fulfill its mission of serving millions across the globe, Glovo partnered with Kustomer to centralize support operations into a single customer service solution that offers agents the information they need to guarantee great support experiences.

A Unified Customer Service Environment Ensures Agents Make the Best Decisions

Prior to Kustomer, Glovo conducted live chat and email support across three separate and rigid applications, forcing each contact type and channel to exist in its own siloed environment. As Glovo continued expanding into new countries and increasing the number of languages they serve, this setup was no longer viable. Enter Kustomer.


“With the Kustomer Timeline, our agents have all the information and context they need to make better and faster decisions — all in one place.”

Sergi Mendez, Global Head of Live Operations, Glovo


Glovo now has a single omnichannel solution. Email and live chat support as well as the company’s local voice provider, primarily used to handle partner conversations, all seamlessly work together under one roof. Kustomer has also fully integrated with Glovo’s order management system, unifying contact data, interaction history and order details for every customer, courier, and partner—organized and visualized in Kustomer’s timeline view.

For a support team with no time to idle, the information available to agents has been key in efficiently resolving issues while enabling quality experiences.

Automated Queuing And Routing Keeps Agents Efficient and Service Levels On Target

With Kustomer’s machine intelligence and AI-powered capabilities, Glovo is assured that every inbound conversation, whether from a courier with a question in Spain, or a customer with an incorrect order in France, is automatically routed to an agent that speaks their native language and is prepared to handle their issue.

Sergi explained, “While Glovo is a global organization, we are viewed as a local application to our customers, offering products and goods from local business partners. It’s very important to maintain our local appeal, so agents must speak the native language of every contact.”

Since Kustomer is fully integrated with Glovo’s order management system, the platform also identifies Glovo’s high-value customers using order data, and routes those conversations to agents ready with appropriate compensation policies, keeping its best customers happy and ensuring their continued business.

As a result, Glovo not only continues achieving its aggressive service levels but also has improved attainment by 20% since switching to Kustomer.

Proactive Engagement Improves Satisfaction to Build More Business

Satisfaction is a key priority for Glovo, and Kustomer’s native satisfaction measurement solution has enabled the team to measure, analyze, and leverage satisfaction data to remedy and mitigate potential issues with its most valuable customers.

Paired with Kustomer’s powerful workflow engine, Glovo is able to send automated proactive communications to dissatisfied high-value customers. Sergi shared, “With the satisfaction data we get from Kustomer, we cross-reference it with a customer’s lifetime order value. When high-value customers with low satisfaction have been waiting too long for their order, we have a workflow that automatically sends an email notification apologizing for the delay and offers a rebate for their next order, all before they need to contact us.”

With the efficiencies gained from Kustomer, the team has ramped up productivity by performing customer recovery efforts. With Kustomer’s segmentation capabilities, Glovo creates queues of dissatisfied customers for agents to perform service audits and identify the proper resolution that should have taken place, then conduct personal or bulk proactive outreach directly through the Kustomer platform in order to course-correct.

By focusing on promoting repeat business, Glovo continues increasing its overall satisfaction metrics since using Kustomer. The organization has already achieved an 84% average rating across all customers, couriers, and partners.

What’s Next

With AI-driven agent shortcuts and contact self-service capabilities, Glovo and Kustomer are aiming high to keep a global support operation running smoothly and effectively. “We feel like we’re building something together with Kustomer. While they help us manage a better department, we’re helping them build the best solution for the market. It’s a true partnership.”

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