The Kustomer Advantage: Unleashing the Power of Data, AI, and More

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The Kustomer Advantage Recording

In today’s fast-paced business world, customer-centricity isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. To truly prioritize your customers, you must grasp their needs and deliver seamless, efficient, and proactive experiences every time. You require a smart, user-friendly customer service platform that seamlessly integrates data and AI, giving you a holistic customer view.

Welcome to the Kustomer Advantage Webinar – your gateway to unleashing the potential of data-driven customer service with our cutting-edge AI tools and technology. 

This week, we gathered passionate customer service enthusiasts to showcase how the Kustomer platform can supercharge their customer relationships, drive business growth, and cultivate unwavering loyalty.

The webinar brought together a community of individuals who shared a common interest in actively listening, learning, and enhancing the customer service experience. As AI becomes an integral part of business operations, and data gains paramount importance in ensuring growth and success, it’s essential to recognize that technology need not be intimidating or complicated. 

Instead, it serves as a valuable tool that empowers companies to gain deeper insights into their customers in any situation. While not every company can physically engage with customers to learn more about them, AI serves as a valuable resource for collecting the necessary data to provide superior customer service.

Our guest speaker, TJ Stein, who serves as the Head of CX at Everlane, shared more insights on this topic.  After helping the company make the switch to Kustomer from their legacy ticket provider of 9 years, TJ got the team up and running quickly with some of the innovative AI capabilities that Kustomer has to offer, including leveraging the KIQ Conversational Assistant, which is helping them deflect 10% of total conversations today. The team is also seeing great success after recently enabling Agent Co-pilot, which allows agents to submit a fragmented customer message which Kustomer then takes, cleans up, and generates back a fully complete, customer-friendly response. These features are really helping their agents improve their own performance while providing exceptional service to their customers.

Concluding the webinar, our exceptional team, consisting of Jeremy Suriel (CTO, Kustomer), Megied Alkassab (Solutions Engineer, Kustomer), Aaron Jones (Project Manager, Kustomer), and Mercedes McAndrew (Corporate Marketing Director, Kustomer), shared a wealth of expertise while stressing the importance of how driving zero effort, exceptional service experiences in your organization can help set you apart in today’s competitive service landscape.

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