Kustomer Tech Recap: Satisfaction Feature Release, Amazon Connect and Segment Integration Enhancements

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Our engineering and product teams have been busy launching new features, improving integrations, and making your top requests a reality. Here are the highlights of what we’ve added to Kustomer over the past few weeks:

Feature Releases:
  • Satisfaction: Measure, track, and manage customer satisfaction or customer effort across all channels using our native new, flexible survey solution in Kustomer.


  • Enhanced Amazon Connect integration to add callback support. Users will now see incoming calls labeled as “Callbacks” so they’re aware a customer still needs to be connected. When a callback is initiate, the conversation will be created with a “callback” subject, and assigned to the agent automatically.
  • Optimized data integration between Kustomer and Segment, enabling organizations to instantly send any customer data from Segment to Kustomer in real-time.


  • Enabled search editors to set and save default results columns to be used across the organization
  • Updated “Reopen” logic for Queues And Routing where a User’s status will be used to determine if a conversation should be unassigned and re-queued.
  • Added data stream and API reporting functionality to disclose total time spent in custom statuses.
  • Enhanced webhooks capabilities to convert XML payloads to JSON, which grants the ability for XML payload data to be used in creating workflow triggers.
  • Consolidated the design of conversation events to display into a grouped, collapsable row, improving agent conversation UX.
  • Made it easier to see which teams and users have access to non-public searches via the Search Settings page.
  • Added ability to export Conversation Viewed data to report on each time a user views a conversation, including start and end timestamps.
  • Added Queue attribute as an option when exporting Conversation data.
  • Expanded audit log timestamps to specify down to the seconds.
  • Added pagination to workflows list when the total number for an organization exceeds 100.
  • Simplified assignment drop down menus when creating business rules by removing deactivated teams and users.


  • Added ability to send emails via Gmail integration with attachments larger than 5MB
  • Reduced the time a customer can be unavailable in chat before an agent’s chat response will be automatically sent to both the customer’s chat window and their email.
  • Added ability to toggle Typing Indicators on or off for agents and customers in chat.


Mobile SDKs:
  • Latest iOS SDK Release: Version 0.2.1. Recent updates include support for Typing Indicators and Satisfaction capabilities.
  • Latest Android SDK Release: Version 0.2.3. Recent updates include support for Typing Indicators and Satisfaction capabilities.


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