Kustomer + Segment: Any Data, Any Time

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Kustomer is the next-generation customer management platform that transforms the way companies engage with their customers from “cold and transactional” to “friendship-driven” while also gaining significant agent efficiencies and reduction in operational costs. With Kustomer, accessing, orchestrating, managing and acting on customer interactions and data is made easy. Deliver effortless, consistent and personalized service and support through a single timeline view.

Today, we are excited to announce our integration with Segment, further enabling people-first companies to easily access, retrieve and act on any type of customer data, from any 3rd party source.

What’s the excitement all about?

Through this integration, Segment users can dynamically add tracking events from their Segment platform into Kustomer’s customer Timelines in real-time.

Yes, it’s a big deal! Once you have installed the Segment app in Kustomer, you will be able to (for example):

Data retrieval & presentation on customer Timelines

Record every interaction made on your website such as product views, selections or pages accessed and present it right inside the Kustomer Timeline. Use out-of-the-box objects like ‘customers’ and ‘companies’, and customizable attributes like orders, feedback scores, returns, shipping tracking, web event tracking on your shopping cart, or if a customer is a Gold or Platinum frequent flyer.

Interactions in context

Use the Cards Platform to put customer data collected by Segment into action. Create better content-driven customer experiences, improve interactions between customers and agents and reduce friction between third-party tools. Provide useful context with Cards that display past orders or shipping details. Populate a card with shopping card information or event data from your own application. Take it a step further by adding actions to cards so Agents can issue refunds or print shipping labels.

Be proactive with actionable data

With the Kustomer Platform you can segment your Customers, Conversations, and Custom Objects easily. Take contextual data from a customer and view everyone whose order hasn’t shipped yet. Be proactive and segment customers who have purchased in the last 6 months and send them a personalized email message.

Kustomer + Segment

Segment can perform all data collection tasks for your Kustomer platform. It can capture all the data that Kustomer needs and sends it directly to Kustomer in the right format, all in real-time so you can run automation workflows and business rules on the unique data objects only Kustomer is able to use.

Learn more about how to set up Segment in Kustomer here.

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