Kettlebell Kitchen is Bulking Up Its Focus on Customers in 2018

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It’s a new year, and that means New Year’s resolutions. Many will be hitting the gym, and just as many will be paying closer attention to their diet in an attempt to meet their fitness ambitions. Chances are more than a few will be turning to Kettlebell Kitchen to help stick to their resolve. Kettlebell Kitchen is a leading healthy food delivery service, offering freshly-prepared meals that meet customers’ dietary needs and fitness goals, no matter how strict. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, lose weight, or are strictly vegetarian or paleo, Kettlebell Kitchen has plans for pretty much any lifestyle. Simply enter your current and goal weight, personal fitness info, and preferences, and Kettlebell offers you an automatic dietician-approved meal plan. Your healthy aspiration just got that much closer to becoming reality.

We spoke with Menachem Katz, Kettlebell’s Director of Operations, about how Kettlebell is working to deliver real results for their goal-oriented customers.

“We all have food for goals — to lose weight, to build muscle. Our food is designed to help you achieve it. Every meal comes with low and high carb versions, plus meal planning using an algorithm that creates a custom plan based around your information and needs.”

This is a key differentiator in a year where a lot of food delivery companies are struggling. Blue Apron, the incumbent in the space, has seen share prices plummet and user numbers shrink after cutting marketing budgets and opening a struggling fulfillment center in New Jersey. But Kettlebell’s fitness-focused offering is finding traction — they’re currently operating in 14 states, recently bringing their service to the midwest, and currently have over 900 pickup locations nationwide.

“The most important part of our business is the product.” says Katz, “Improving service helps to keep those customers — but people are more interested in whether the food tastes great.”

The majority of customers contact Kettlebell over the phone and email. With Kustomer, they can pull all of these touches into a single stream.

“It’s very user friendly, and the integration with Aircall works really well for us. It didn’t work at all with our previous service platform.”

Kettlebell are looking forward to streamlining and syncing up their customer experience with every other part of the business to create a holistic view of the customer.

“We are working on the connection between Kustomer, our API, and our back office. Our customers are being split between different cities, routes, gyms, and if a vehicle breaks during delivery and a customer is complaining about a delay, I want to know what’s going on with the other customers on that route. It’s a gap between doing things the way we are now and what we are looking to do. Once we have this integration, we will be able to start building segments — even around who ordered which specific chicken dish on a certain day. That will be amazing.”

Connecting this experience is going to be crucial for Kettlebell Kitchen as they continue to scale. They’ll be building a kitchen in Louisiana and California in the coming months, ramping up to nationwide delivery by end of next year.

“We’re just trying to give the customer whatever we can give them, and keep them as happy as possible.”

The food prep and delivery space remains hotly contested, but a focus on delivering real, measurable progress on customers’ health goals, mixed with a healthy measure of good CX, is keeping Kettlebell in fighting shape as they bring nutritious meals to gyms and homes across the US.

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