Introducing CRM Powered Proactive Messaging

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Kustomer is proud to announce CRM Powered Proactive Messaging is now generally available! This means, we now offer the ability to use updates on custom objects (e.g. orders/products/etc) to trigger a workflow. Now a customer’s product change can automagically inform them about changes in their order status, such as delivery notifications.

Why is this important?

In today’s service landscape, customer expectations continue to grow and evolve.  In order to differentiate, companies need to think beyond just meeting those expectations and now must consider how best to exceed them for their customers. Kustomer’s new feature addresses this need by enabling proactive engagement, allowing businesses to initiate conversations with customers before issues even arise. This approach helps transform customer service from reactive problem-solving to anticipatory support.

The Power of Delivering Proactive Service

Delivering proactive service is a powerful strategy that can transform the customer experience. This approach involves understanding and addressing customer needs before they arise, thereby reducing friction and enhancing satisfaction. By leveraging data analytics and predictive modeling, businesses can identify potential issues and offer solutions proactively. This not only demonstrates a deep commitment to customer care but also builds loyalty and trust. Proactive service can lead to increased customer retention, as clients feel valued and understood. Moreover, it helps set your brand apart in a competitive market. By consistently exceeding expectations and preempting problems, businesses can foster a positive brand perception and cultivate long-term customer relationships. A proactive mindset not only benefits customers but also streamlines internal operations, leading to greater efficiency and reduced costs associated with reactive support. At its core, proactive service is not just a customer support strategy; it’s a comprehensive approach to customer engagement that can drive significant business growth.

What’s Next? 

Kustomer remains committed to investing in AI and making even greater enhancements to it’s already powerful platform to further elevate service experiences and deepen customer loyalty. Stay tuned for more transformative features designed to redefine customer engagement.

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