Kustomer Launches First EU Data Center

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Over the past few years, we have experienced rapid adoption of the Kustomer platform by European and multinational businesses that are seeking to transform their customer service by delivering more personalized and efficient omnichannel experiences.

To further power our global expansion and meet the needs of our clients, we recently launched our first EU region data center. The rollout of this new region provides businesses the ability to store their data and access all of the capabilities of the platform on isolated infrastructure hosted in Europe.

EU Region Ensures European Data Storage and Improves Performance and Availability

By launching in the EU, Kustomer has replicated its entire platform infrastructure in Europe. Hosted in Dublin, Ireland and adhering to leading international standards of security and privacy, this new region will allow Kustomer clients with European data residency requirements to store their data in Europe. Building an isolated infrastructure in the EU also improves the availability and performance of the Kustomer platform for businesses operating in Europe, reducing latency and ensuring better agent and customer experiences.

Kustomer already complies with the requirements of the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield as well as the GDPR. Launching our first EU region extends the platform’s omnichannel experience, so no matter where in the world brands do business, they can engage customers wherever it is most impactful, while running on infrastructure optimized to meet their performance and data storage requirements.

In addition, we are planning to grow our sales and customer experience teams in Europe in the next year to meet the increasing demand for our customer service CRM platform.

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