The Customer Experience Summit Is Coming Soon

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The Customer Experience Summit Is Coming Soon TW

Things have changed. We all understand that. Customer service and customer experience organizations are not operating like they were just one month ago. Teams are not simply thinking about great customer service anymore, they are thinking about working remotely, doing more with less, and building customer loyalty more so than ever before.

With all of these problems, we know that the desire to come together as a community to learn has not changed. Now more than ever, we need to share our knowledge and figure out how to adapt to our new realities. Just because we can’t travel, and many of us are working from home, doesn’t mean we can’t learn and grow in our professions. It doesn’t mean we can’t hear from amazing speakers and learn from each other on how to take our customer experience organizations to new heights.

So instead of just worrying about what this new reality means to our net promoter score, we decided to do something about it. Kustomer is partnering with Tethr, and the Challenger Inc. to bring together organizations like, Convey, StellaConnect, ExecVision, Ada, Aircall, Fullstory, Worthix, Simplr, Guru, Lessonly, Gallup, Vengresso, Stream and many more to host an amazing one-day virtual event.

The Customer Experience Virtual Summit gives attendees the opportunity to come together and learn from each other, as well as some of the most influential thought leaders in the world. And the best part is, we’re bringing the conference to you — wherever you may be in the world.

Join us on May 6th as leaders from across the customer experience and customer service community bring in-depth sessions on topics that you care about most.

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