Announcing the Kustomer AAPI Employee Resource Group (ERG)

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Announcing the Kustomer AAPI employee resource group (ERG) TW

We’re excited to announce the launch of the KustomerAAPI employee resource group, or ERG, at Kustomer.

What is KustomerAAPI?

KustomerAAPI is a voluntary, employee-led resource group that works to raise awareness, share resources, and provide support for AAPI experiences in the workplace.

With the recent increase in the visibility of anti-AAPI hate crimes and the continued erasure and invisibility of AAPI histories and experiences in the public discourse, we aim to provide a designated space at work to support the diverse experiences of AAPI colleagues.

Our mission

The mission of KustomerAAPI is to create and maintain an inclusive space for all Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander employees at Kustomer. This means that we work to:

  • Foster a strong sense of belonging and community among AAPI employees
  • Advance the professional and personal growth of all AAPI employees
  • Raise awareness and facilitate discussions of AAPI culture
  • Build solidarity with Kustomer Alliance for LGBTQ+ Learning, Inclusivity, Empowerment, and Safety (KustomerALLIES), KustomBlack ERG, and ERG allies

How does KustomerAAPI support its mission?

KustomerAAPI will host monthly meetings open to all AAPI employees and allies. These meetings will provide support and a communal space to existing and future AAPI members of the Kustomer organization. We’ll also communicate KustomerAAPI initiatives in the ERG communication channels and company-wide town hall meetings.

We’ll also promote open dialogue and facilitate discussions around AAPI issues in the workplace. Through these community dialogues and discussions, we hope to share knowledge with both AAPI members and the company on inclusive practices to ensure a healthy and accepting company culture where AAPI members can thrive.

What’s next?

KustomerAAPI is gearing up for our kick-off meeting to discuss programming for the coming months. As the KustomerAAPI grows, we hope to share our mission and resources and work with other Kustomer ERG and ERG allies to sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace. Join us!

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