5 AI/CX Virtual Summit Voices Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

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As brands seek to leverage the power of customer experience for growth, the intersection of humans and artificial intelligence (AI) continues to redefine the ecosystem. The AI/CX Virtual Summit will bring together thought leaders and innovators who are at the forefront of this dramatic shift. Below, we’ll explore the contributions and insights of 5 distinguished session speakers, each offering a unique lens through which to view the future of CX.

1. Shashank Singh – Humanization of Digital Customer Experience: The Role of AI

Shashank Singh, a prominent voice in customer engagement, will emphasize the integration of live streaming across different platforms. His approach is centered on using a company’s website as the primary field for live interactions. Singh advocates for leveraging social media to draw audiences to the website, enriching the customer experience with interactive and engaging live sessions. This method not only amplifies customer engagement but also fortifies the brand’s digital presence.

Singh’s insight: “Your website is your pitch. Put your best effort out there. Draw people from social media to your live events on your website, where they can raise their hand, become a speaker, and engage directly with your brand.”

2. Jess Cervellon: Building the CX Foundation: Jess Cervellon’s Journey as the First CX Leader at Feastables, a Mr. Beast Brand

Jess Cervellon, with her rich background as VP of Customer Experience at Feastables and her CX work with multiple D2C brands, brings a wealth of AI and customer experience to the table. Her focus on growing CX leaders and creating growth opportunities within organizations underscores the importance of nurturing CX talent. Cervellon’s approach to CX leadership is about empowering teams, fostering an environment of learning and advancement, and ensuring that the customer experience is always at the forefront of business strategy.

Cervellon’s perspective: “As leaders in CX, it’s our duty to identify and cultivate the potential within our teams. By creating opportunities and promoting from within, we build a stronger, more dedicated workforce that’s deeply invested in the customer’s journey.”

3. Ben Edwards: The AI and CX Landscape: Your Tech Adventure Begins

Ben Edwards, the Director of Sales Engineering at Sandler Partners, will discuss the critical nature of maintaining consistency and quality in customer interactions, even in the face of technology challenges. Edwards’ insights are particularly relevant in an era where AI plays a central role in CX. His emphasis on ensuring a seamless customer experience, regardless of potential AI hiccups, is a testament to the importance of reliability and trust in building customer relationships.

Edwards’ advice: “Always focus on the output. If you encounter a technical issue, don’t let it disrupt the customer’s experience. Continue to provide consistent, high-quality interactions that customers can rely on.”

4. Justin Robbins: Bridging the Divide: The Impact of Communication Convergence on Company Success

Justin Robbins, an evangelist at 8×8, will offer a fresh perspective on the importance of fitting the right people into the right roles within the CX landscape. His experience in the SaaS industry highlights how certain roles can resonate deeply with specific individuals, creating a harmonious blend of personal passion and professional expertise. This alignment is crucial for delivering authentic and effective customer experiences.

Robbins’ reflection: “In CX, it’s not just about filling a role; it’s about finding the right person whose passion and skills align with that role. When we achieve this, we create a team that’s not only effective but also genuinely enthusiastic about enhancing the customer experience.”

5. Lindsay Kolinsky: Harnessing Customer Data Throughout Your Customer Journey: A Session with Okendo’s Director of Marketing

Lindsay Kolinsky will shed light on the growing importance of customer reviews and first party data. Kolinsky will emphasize the importance of owning customer reviews, especially for purchases made directly from a brand’s site. She advises brands to carefully consider the balance between leveraging third-party platforms for reviews and maintaining control over their own customer feedback for the overall improvement of customer experience.

Kolinsky’s recommendation: “Own your customer reviews. When a customer purchases from your site, their feedback should belong to you. This not only helps in building a trustworthy brand image but also provides valuable insights for future improvements.”

The AI/CX Virtual Summit, scheduled for December 12th, 2023, will be a melting pot of ideas, recommendations and innovations, with each speaker bringing their unique perspective to the table. From Shashank Singh’s focus on integrating live streaming for enhanced customer engagement, Jess Cervellon’s emphasis on CX leadership and CX opportunities, Ben Edwards’ insights on consistent customer interactions, Justin Robbins’ viewpoint on aligning passion with roles in CX, to Lindsay Kolinsky’s strategies on customer reviews – each will contribute significantly to our understanding of the evolving CX landscape.Stay tuned for more deep dives into the upcoming sessions and contributions of other remarkable speakers at the AI/CX Virtual Summit. We will have 30+ hours of content ready to share on December 12th, 2023 so don’t forget to register today for the first AI/CX Virtual Summit.

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