Native Omnichannel Support:

Keep Customers By Communicating On Their Preferred Channel

Retain 9 out of 10 customers by providing omnichannel customer service.

Artificial intelligence chat service business concept. Modern vector illustration of people using AI technology and talking to chatbot on website.

Kustomer is one platform to service your customers across multiple channels so you can meet customers where they are anytime, anywhere.

Remove the friction of fragmented channels

Streamline interactions between customers and agents with single threaded conversations across support channels natively integrated into the Kustomer platform.

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Provide Complete Customer Context

Centralize conversational data in one place for your agents to have a complete view of the customer.

Boost Agent Productivity

Have one place for agents to respond to customers across various support channels for effortless channel switching.

Develop Customer Advocates

Delight customers with proactive communication on the channel they prefer.

Deliver Seamless Omnichannel Customer Service

Give customers a consistent customer experience while giving agents a complete view of customer interactions.

  • Voice

    Handle complex or urgent issues faster through a live channel that supports a more empathetic customer experience. With Kustomer, voice is natively integrated so agents see the full history of customer interactions across all other channels, not just voice, to better understand the customer journey.

  • Email

    Certain customers don’t want to get on a live call or chat for support but prefer email instead. Email supports various formats and length of text for the most flexibility and it can be sent at the convenience of the customer. Kustomer helps agents respond as fast as possible with email conversation shortcuts and built-in spam protection.

  • Chat

    Chat on your website or mobile app is a great channel for sending a quick and short reply to less complex questions from customers. Kustomer even allows agents to send proactive chats to customers to support them before they even realize they have an issue.

  • AI Chatbot

    Intelligently automate answers to customer inquiries with AI-powered chatbots that can respond immediately to free up agents to handle more complex cases. With access to up-to-the-minute customer data, our chatbots can provide informed responses, anticipate needs, and offer tailored solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • SMS

    Support customers conveniently from their mobile device regardless of their location and Internet access. For some customers, especially those on the go or in remote locations, SMS is the preferred channel for service interactions. Kustomer allows you to send bulk SMS messages proactively to a cohort of customers for greater service efficiency and outcomes.

  • Social Messengers

    Protect your brand by engaging with customers who report issues on social channels. Allow your agents to do this from one place and timeline view that doesn’t involve switching between tabs. Kustomer integrates directly with Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and X and pulls customer conversations across these channels into one timeline view to make it much easier for agents to respond.

Why Customers Love Us

Using Kustomer, service agents at see a detailed profile of every customer – including touch points across voice, email and social channels – to help them deliver personalized customer experiences that lead to higher repeat business.

Erica Gutierrez
Customer Experience Manager