Turn every agent into an expert with Zingtree’s conversational workflow software. Zingtree elevates contact center agent productivity through conversational workflow software. You can embed the flows inside Kustomer to improve call compliance and agent ramp time.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the first version of Zingtree’s integration app on Kustomer! This integration is designed to streamline and enhance the customer service experience for your agents. The features include:

  • Seamless Integration: Access Zingtree directly from the Kustomer Insight Card for a smooth and intuitive experience.
  • Effortless Data Transfer: Transfer data between Kustomer and Zingtree with bidirectional data transfer capabilities.
  • Bidirectional data transfer between customer object and Zingtree. We support data transfer for both standard and custom attributes on Kustomer.
  • Automated Actions: Enhance the customer service experience with Zingtree’s automated actions on a ‘Conversation.’
    • Quick Notes: Add notes to the conversation with just a click.
    • Status Updates: Mark conversations as “Done” with ease.
    • Priority Management: Update the priority of a conversation with a click.
    • Tag Management: Quickly add tags to keep your customer interactions organized.
    • Update Attributes: Transfer data to attributes on a ‘Conversation.’


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