Use voice calls to provide more personalized, human support.

Talkdesk is on a mission to empower companies to continuously improve the customer experience. With enterprise-class performance and consumer-like experience, Talkdesk allows you to adapt your contact center to the evolving needs of your customers and teams, resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction and cost savings.

Integrate Kustomer with Talkdesk to add rich call data to your support application and begin providing more efficient customer service.

Boost Agent Productivity

Save agents the inefficiency of switching between multiple applications with Talkdesk Callbar. Agents will be able to create Kustomer contacts and notes directly within Callbar.

Personalize Every Interaction

See a caller’s full Kustomer timeline by initiating a contact record screen pop directly from Callbar. Agents can use this information to personalize interactions and provide optimal service.

Streamline Agent Workflow

Talkdesk’s automated workflows eliminate manual and repetitive work. Save agents time by configuring Talkdesk to perform actions in Kustomer based on call events.

Two-Way Data Synchronization

Talkdesk automatically synchronizes contacts, notes and more with Kustomer in real-time. When agents have the most up-to-date information, they can better serve customer needs.

Tailor Your Integration

Select what data is synced between Talkdesk and Kustomer according to your business needs. Ensure your systems are populated with the right information for maximum agent efficiency.

Quick and Easy Setup

Effortlessly configure the Talkdesk Kustomer Integration – no programming required! All you need is your Kustomer account information to get started right away.

Check out our knowledge base article to learn more.


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