Surfboard is a workforce management platform tailored specifically for customer support teams, offering integrated solutions for forecasting, scheduling, and deriving team performance insights.

By integrating seamlessly with ticketing systems, telephony providers, HRIS, calendars, and internal messaging systems, Surfboard empowers support teams to respond swiftly to customer needs, maximizing service level performance, ensuring high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, and significantly reducing the cost to serve.

Kustomer x Surfboard

With just a click, Surfboard integrates directly into Kustomer, pulling in real-time ticket insights from all channels already set up in Kustomer.

This integration not only offers accurate workforce capacity planning forecasts but also suggests the best intraday activity distributions tailored to the diverse tasks your team handles.

You’ll gain access to a streamlined, data-driven approach for daily scheduling and KPI management, making it easier than ever for support teams to meet their goals and exceed customer expectations.

Connect to Kustomer

Since implementing Surfboard and Kustomer, Wolf & Badger have improved the efficiency of how they manage their team

“Team Views from Surfboard is one of the most helpful features. We have 30+ agents and we handle multiple tasks and channels everyday from within Kustomer. Giving the team visibility into others’ schedules saves us time, makes us more efficient and ensures a smoother operation through consolidating our two most important systems.”

Maja Basinska, Community Operations Manager

What you can do

Advanced forecasting

Surfboard provides accurate predictions of ticket demands and the exact amount of resources needed, in hours or headcount as far in advance as you need it.

This enables you to:

  • Schedule more effectively, giving your team advanced notice about when they’re working and what they’re working on
  • Make informed operational decisions based on known budgeting and KPIs
  • Minimise the risk of overwhelming workload by enhancing scenario planning

Customisable ticket groups

Customizable Ticket Groups

Create multiple customizable ticket groups to ensure accurate forecasting and scheduling.

This feature allows you to organize tickets in a way that aligns with your operational and staffing strategy, whether by complexity, ticket type, or customer service channel.

More than just categorization, you’ll be offered critical resourcing suggestions for optimal service coverage, factoring in historical average handle time, target response time, and service levels. With this integration, you can:

  • Ensure that every customer inquiry from every channel is addressed with the right resources at the right time, avoiding overstaffing or understaffing
  • Factor in the efficiency impact from Kustomer’s AI support, optimizing your workforce in tandem with AI capabilities
  • Distribute shifts and tasks effectively based on experience levels and training, enhancing overall team performance.

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