Simplr is the conversational experience platform for the NOW CX era. The company’s AI-enabled platform unites chatbots and human assistance through their Human Cloud Network to deliver instantly scalable customer support 24/7/365. The result for Simplr customers is best-in-class experiences throughout the consumer journey, which increases loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue.

Through its combination of chatbot and humans, Simplr integrates with Kustomer and is able to automate and resolve up to 80% of customer service tickets. This results in improved efficiency and cost savings all while providing a better customer experience. Simplr’s solution dials up the automation over time – allowing for greater automation, which drives costs down over time. In fact, with their combination of automation and human labor, brands see an average savings of 42% when compared to what they spend with their current chatbots/BPOs (Internal data, calculated June 2022).

Kustomer + Simplr

Reduce Customer Service Cost and Drive Revenue

Many organizations view customer service as a cost center. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Simplr offers pre and post sale support and approaches every interaction as an opportunity to convert customers and drive customer loyalty

Scale CX Without Forecasting Resources

Too often CX teams either have too many people riding the clock or don’t have enough people to handle ticket volume. With Simplr, your fixed resources can stay your fixed resources while Simplr’s automation and human cloud network scales up and down with need

Resolution-Based Pricing

Simplr’s pricing structure is simple — no surge pricing, no hourly rates, no resource planning and no coverage penalties. You only pay for tickets we resolve which means brands only pay for results

Intent Detection

Traditional chatbots do not offer intent detection; only keyword detection
If a question does not align with the keyword detection (i.e. “can I have my money back” vs “I want a refund”) the ticket will not be routed appropriately and result in an unnecessary escalation

Value-Based Routing

Poor intent detection of traditional chatbots leads to ineffective routing, unnecessary escalations, and higher costs

Platform Enhances Quality

The more data our platform captures, the more it improves the Simplr Chatbot and The Human Cloud enhancing the quality of customer interactions over time

Data Science Team

Simplr has a whole team of data scientists always optimizing Simplr’s machine learning a AI capabilities so your customer interactions just keep getting better

Case Studies

Chegg Improves CX and Reduces Resolution Cost
KEEN Footwear Gives CX Team December Off

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