Segment collects, cleans, and controls your customer data within a reliable infrastructure. The powerful integration between Segment and Kustomer enables you to instantly send any customer data from Segment to Kustomer in real-time.

Kustomer + Segment

Kustomer allows you to dynamically add tracking events from Segment into customer timelines in real-time. So you can leverage Segment’s data collection features within the Kustomer platform to power automation workflows and business rules.

With this integration, you will be able to:

Retrieve data and present it on customer Timelines

Capture all relevant data with Segment and present it within Kustomer. See out-of-the-box objects and any custom attributes you define such as product views and website visits within the Kustomer Timeline.

See customer interactions in context

Pull key customer data from Segment into Kustomer’s context cards to build content-driven experiences and enhance interactions. Display relevant customer data such as past orders or shipping details within context cards so agents can easily gather the information and resolve issues quickly.

Be proactive with insightful data

Segment your customers, custom objects and conversations within Kustomer to proactively monitor and engage with your customers. Proactively email all customers who haven’t purchased in the last 3 months with a special offer or personalized note, for example.

Check out our knowledge base article to learn more.


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