Salesforce is a major CRM platform used by sales teams and businesses worldwide. Kustomer’s turnkey integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud helps brands paint a more complete picture of their customers for sales and support teams by displaying data from Salesforce within Kustomer.

Unify Customer Data and Deliver Efficient, Personalized Support

This seamless integration with Salesforce puts Salesforce data right at the agent’s fingertips, eliminating the need to look in multiple systems to find information. By enriching the customer profile with the sales journey, the Salesforce integration helps agents deliver effective, personalized engagement.

Integrating Salesforce with Kustomer adds a Salesforce Insight Card that appears automatically when looking at a Customer or Conversation in the timeline. Kustomer uses email addresses as the unique identifier to match a Customer with a Contact in Salesforce and displays in the Insight Card any Accounts, Leads, or Opportunities associated with that Contact.

Easy Install and Configuration

Available in the App Directory, the Salesforce integration installs in just a few steps, no development work required. Simply enter the Salesforce subdomain and sign in to Salesforce using OAuth 2.0 credentials to begin using the integration right away.

Once installed, easily edit which Salesforce objects agents have access to and the Salesforce subdomain in the event that the URL changes. Note that the current iteration of this integration, Salesforce Lite, shows only Salesforce data within Kustomer, and not vice versa.

Sync Kustomer Conversations to Salesforce

The integration with Salesforce makes Kustomer Conversations available directly within Salesforce so Salesforce admins can easily keep track of support inquiries, all in one centralized view.


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