Playvox equips modern businesses and BPOs with the most comprehensive, collaborative, and insightful customer service agent optimization software suite for quality assurance, performance management, coaching, learning, voice of the customer, recognition, agent motivation, and workforce management. Playvox empowers agents, team leaders, QA analysts, resource planners and managers with the tools and real-time intelligence needed to improve the customer experience and improve revenue generation within hours for progressive, customer-centric organizations of all sizes.

Playvox QM

Playvox QM provides a flexible, comprehensive digital-first Quality Management solution that lets you go beyond basic Quality Assurance (QA) to full Quality Management (QM.) Coaching and motivation tools are included standard, seamlessly integrated into Kustomer allowing you to engage and develop employees before issues occur, so that you don’t just identify problems, you fix them.

Quality management for the digital Era

Playvox QM was made to support tickets, live chat and email, and more. Identify and evaluate higher priority customer interactions across all channels.

Quickly correct for agent skills and behaviors

‍Improve customer service by coaching and training your agents against skill issues and quickly change behaviors. Fully integrated quality, coaching and training tools on the single Playvox platform.

Empower the voice of your agents

Playvox allows agents to request an evaluation review to clarify results. When agent voices are heard, your culture of open feedback grows. Improved morale and productivity follow.

Extend your investment in Kustomer

Playvox is fully integrated with Kustomer. Deploy quality management software within a few hours. Sync Kustomer users, build quality scorecards, set priority filters, assign interactions to quality evaluators.

Playvox WEM

Playvox WEM (Workforce Engagment Management) portfolio enables you to bring a full suite of solutions to your customer – all with a single vendor. From flexible, comprehensive digital-first Quality Management to Workforce Managment that lets you get a view of planned vs. actual for every location and work type – all in real-time. Plus, the WEM suite lets you take advantage of auto-tagging your topics and trends via Playvox Customer AI. Kustomer seamlessly integrates with the Playvox solutions, giving you a more complete view of your contact center operations.

Workforce Management

Intelligently forecast, schedule, and monitor your workforce leveraging real-time data, without the need of specialized resources or data analysts. Get insights on all interactions, rather than just the initial interaction, for better resource allocation.

Quality Management

‍Our QM suite was made for support tickets, live chat, and email. Focus on your customer experience, not struggling to adapt a phone-centric system. Fully integrated quality, coaching and training tools on a single Playvox QM platform.

Customer AI

Uncover sentiment, intent and interaction topics with advanced text-based analysis and direct customer surveys. Learn about potential customer attrition before it becomes a bigger issue with our Customer AI solution.
Extend your investment in Kustomer
Playvox is fully integrated with Kustomer. Deploy quality management or workforce management software within a few hours. Sync Kustomer users to each platform to get a complete view of your operations.

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