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Engage with followers, connect influencer-driven conversations to company experts, and resolve issues at scale by connecting Kustomer with Instagram. With this integration, agents can respond to Direct Messages, Story Mentions, Story Replies, and top level Public Comments on Instagram Posts directly from the Kustomer Platform.

How it works

When a customer sends a Direct Message to your company’s Instagram page, mentions your page in their Story, or replies to your Story, Kustomer will create a new Conversation on a new Customer Timeline. If the Direct Message is from an existing customer, Kustomer will create a new Conversation on an existing Customer Timeline.

You can respond back to your customers within the Kustomer Platform, and the response will be sent to that customer as a Message on Instagram.

Kustomer displays key customer data alongside Instagram Direct Messaging conversations, so agents can see who the customer is and their customer journey without leaving the Kustomer Platform.

Instagram Messaging Integration Inline

When a customer adds a top level Public Comment on your Instagram post, Kustomer will create a new Conversation, so you can reply to that customer within the Kustomer Platform. Kustomer embeds the related Story or Post within the Conversation, so agents can see what content the customer has engaged with, without having to log on to Instagram in a new window.

Scale support with intelligent routing and automation

Ensure that Instagram Direct Messages and Comments automatically go to the right agents at the right time by setting up routing rules and AI-powered automations. Allow agents to quickly gauge how the customer is feeling and facilitate social listening with Kustomer’s sentiment analysis tool.

Track channel performance with in-depth reporting

Understand how Instagram is performing as a support channel by tracking KPIs on the team and agent level. Provide consistent customer service by managing SLAs with Instagram Channel report.


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