HiOperator is a customer software-as-a-service solution that allows businesses to handle client customer service tickets faster and more accurately through the power of human and Artificial Intelligence technology. By pairing AI technology with its highly empathic, US-based customer service agents, HiOperator can resolve customer service tickets faster, more accurately, and more securely. Its services are cost-competitive, as it charges per ticket and has low monthly minimums. This also allows it to quickly scale to meet client needs during retail’s busiest seasons.

Kustomer + HiOperator

Partnering HiOperator with Kustomer is the best way to optimize your customer service team. HiOperator serves as your outsourced vendor of choice to pair our US-based agents with powerful AI to resolve complex and recurring issues so your team can focus on high-value customers and difficult inquiries. Only pay for what you need with HiOperator’s pay-per-resolution fee structure, month-to-month contracts, and $0 onboarding fees.

What You Can Do

  • Never pay for more than you need, we price-per-conversation resolution
  • Leverage custom workflows developed for your needs
  • Save money with 100% onshore agents
  • Take advantage of $0 onboarding with no hidden fees
  • Scale with HiOperator; we can increase capacity 4x within 1 week’s notice.


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Retail + eCommerce
Media, Entertainment + Gaming
Travel + Transportation

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