Genesys Cloud

The Kustomer Connector for Genesys Cloud, developed by Softphone Srl, embeds Genesys Cloud within Kustomer, allowing agents to manage inbound and outbound calls and see customers’ call history and details within Kustomer.

Streamline Customer Data and Provide Seamless Voice Support

Boost customer satisfaction, improve agent productivity, and deliver reliable, effortless omnichannel support with the Kustomer Connector for Genesys Cloud.

The Kustomer Connector for Genesys Cloud embeds a Genesys Cloud widget within Kustomer, allowing agents to efficiently manage inbound and outbound calls from within Kustomer. When an inbound call is accepted, the Kustomer Connector automatically searches for a contact within Kustomer and loads their profile, giving agents the full customer context needed to deliver fast, personalized support.

The Connecter automatically logs call events on the customer timeline, marks call progress in real-time, and adds a recording once the call has been completed. Agents can make outbound calls with one click from the customer timeline via Genesys Cloud.


  • Leverage the Genesys Cloud Embeddable Framework, a toolkit designed to accelerate integration development, to deliver efficient, omnichannel support from a single workspace
  • Automatic agent ready status sync between Genesys Cloud and Kustomer
  • When an agent accepts a call, automatically search and load that customer’s profile and create a call object on their timeline
  • Initiate outbound calls from the customer profile via Genesys Cloud
  • Fully customize use cases with simple JS code and Kustomer APIs
  • Update call status in real-time and play call recordings within the Kustomer platform


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