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Flip automates simple calls so agents focus on complex issues and building deeper relationships with your customers. That means happier shoppers, happier agents, and a happier bottom line for your brand. #Winning.

The Flip – Kustomer integration allows users to easily integrate Flip’s Voice Assistant into their customer support helpdesk. Brands using Kustomer will have easy access to Voice Automation with Flip.

  • INCREDIBLE CX: Flip is Voice AI designed to replace obnoxious IVRs with an Alexa-like experience your customers will love.
  • SUPERIOR AUTOMATION: We help eCommerce/Retail brands automate 40-50% of all calls. Significant automation = increased call center capacity that’s truly scalable.
  • LOW EFFORT, HIGH IMPACT: We reduce customer support spend + Improve every performance/CX metric including hold time, missed calls, AHT, CSAT, NPS, LTV, and more.
  • 200+ USER INTENTS OUT-OF-THE-BOX: Ideal for eCommerce/Retail, Flip supports everything from Order tracking/WISMO to Returns, to Exchanges, Warranties, and Product Usage questions.
  • QUICK & EASY INTEGRATION: Set up automated handling in minutes within the Flip portal.

Once the integration is enabled, Flip will automatically create tickets in Kustomer for 1) Resolved Calls, and 2) Open Calls – so your team can follow up to resolve caller requests for all supported call types.

Ticketing Features:

  • Tags auto-added to tickets with Flip’s perceived intent
  • Voicemails automatically uploaded
  • In Flip’s Portal, the following can be configured:
    • Call transcriptions added to tickets
    • Call sentiment added to tickets
    • Call transcript and summaries
    • SMS notifications – If calling after hours, we can send a SMS via Kustomer, the caller can respond with their issue, and an agent can follow up later.

See how UNTUCKit got started 1 week before BF/CM automating 30+% of their calls using Flip in Kustomer:

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