Kustomer + EvaluAgent

Together, EvaluAgent and Kustomer can supercharge your CSAT and dramatically reduce operational costs. Use Kustomer to provide efficient, omnichannel customer support, and use EvaluAgent to ensure your agents meet the quality standards that your business expects.

With the EvaluAgent integration for Kustomer, your team can:

Increase QA efficiency by up to 285% by removing repetitive admin from your processes
  • Save time, reduce selection bias, and free up resources to increase coverage and reliability using WorkQs that can automatically create and distribute ready-made lists of evaluations.

Unlock actionable insights with real-time performance reports and drill-downs
  • Identify the root cause of costly mistakes and quickly see which agents need targeted coaching sessions or frequent feedback.
  • Evaluate the impact of QA and Coaching on core KPIs, such as First Contact Resolution, CSAT and Average Response Time.

Improve CSAT and ASAT scores through personalized coaching sessions
  • Keep agents motivated by publicly recognizing and celebrating success with performance leaderboards.
  • Support Team Leaders with bespoke coaching forms that keep conversations on track and ensure actions are documented, acknowledged and completed.


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