Dialpad is a cloud communication platform that delivers high-quality calling, video, and chat from a single application. Powerful AI technology is embedded in every interaction, enabling business users to get more value from their calls and meetings. The all-in-one platform is designed to fit every workstyle, helping people be more productive from anywhere and on any device.

Kustomer + Dialpad

Bring focus to your agents’ workday by empowering them with coverage across all channels. With the Dialpad app, you can make and receive calls directly through Dialpad Everywhere, a Dialpad widget that you can access on your desktop.


Pivot from conversation to call in a pinch
  • Receive calls
  • Match against customer profiles
  • Automatically log call activities including missed calls, voicemails, and recordings. Call transcriptions (powered by Voice Intelligence™) help capture every word between agent and customer.
  • Automatically log SMS
Get real-time agent coaching
  • Ramp agents at scale with real-time agent recommendation cards that pop up based on keyword triggers.
  • Recommendation cards can include frequently asked questions or troubleshooting steps plus provide a link to their knowledge base, forum, or other resource page.

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What functionality is supported with Dialpad + Kustomer?

The Dialpad integration allows Kustomer agents to click to call directly through Dialpad Everywhere. Call details are automatically logged including duration, timestamp, and audio recording. Additionally through the Dialpad Everywhere widget, agents have access to live transcriptions, call controls, and recommendation cards.

Does the Dialpad + Kustomer integration include call & SMS logging?

Every call initiated or received on your Dialpad line will log to kustomer as long as your admin has enabled the integration. In addition to call activity, voicemails, and call recording will also be logged to your customer’s activity history.

However, there is no functionality with SMS messages.

Why don’t I see my recordings logged?

Reach out to our Support Team to make sure your account has recordings export enabled. It is required in order for audio recordings to log to Kustomer.

Which plan types are required for this integration?

To connect both platforms, customers will need to be on the Kustomer Enterprise plan and the Dialpad or Enterprise plan.

Who can use this feature?

Dialpad’s Kustomer integration is available to Kustomer Enterprise customers on the Dialpad Pro and Enterprise plans. It is only accessible through Kustomer using an API key.

Read more in Dialpad’s Help Center.


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