Kustomer + Babelforce

Bring an impressive variety of flexible and fully automated telephony use cases to your contact center.

Babelforce is the most flexible platform for enterprise contact centers. Babelforce has a simple goal: to make customer service easy. The Babelforce and Kustomer integration empowers you to create flexible and personalized customer experiences through the BabelConnect app, which provides an array of automation and telephony use cases to suit your needs.

What You Can Do

Make life easier for agents with complete customer context

Automatically supply your agents with key contextual data about every customer they engage with.

Bring transparency to inbound and outbound calls

Make and receive calls from your Kustomer account with the embedded babelConnect app, and automatically add vital call information to customer profiles.

Consolidate your data in Kustomer

Merge data from the tools within Kustomer and create a single location to view and interpret interaction and account information.

Manage two-way messaging with ease

Send and receive SMS messages from the babelConnect app, or create automated outbound messages for streamlined self-service.

Let automation handle the boring bits

Cut out the burden of manual work by automating time-consuming tasks in sales and service, and give agents space to focus on customer engagement.

Ready to discover how AI + Data + CRM equals customer magic?

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