Amazon Connect

Kustomer and Amazon Connect deliver a customized voice experience through personalized IVR trees while increasing your contact center productivity with a single omnichannel support platform for voice, email, text, chat and social messaging.


A voice experience designed around a lifetime of conversations

With Kustomer, your agents are ready for any customer call with the full history of that customer’s actions and conversations across channels—and they can instantly act on information with powerful automation and integrations.

See how HopSkipDrive leverages their Kustomer + Amazon Connect integration to connect with customers across every channel.

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Tailored IVR trees with Kustomer data

Data flows seamlessly between Amazon Connect and Kustomer. This means your Amazon Connect Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be personalized based on data dips into all the information you have stored Kustomer, creating a singular experience for everyone who calls.

Streamline your voice service with smart routing & workflows

Amazon Connect is fully synced with Kustomer’s routing engine, so it’s easier than ever to manage your team’s workload across channels, with sophisticated queues that take into account the agents’ status. In-depth dashboards give you all the data you need on wait and call times, queues and workforce so you can optimize your organization for peak effectiveness.

Powerful features at your fingertips:

  • Unified platform for voice and messaging
  • Full customer history before agents pick up the phone
  • Flexible queueing and routing of voice calls and messaging to available agents
  • Multichannel routing for blended agents
  • Access to call recordings directly from the customer timeline
  • Agent and call statuses are synced between platforms
  • IVR trees that can be customized with the caller’s information
  • Workforce management and reporting
  • Integrates with Amazon conversation bots
  • Easy setup: 1-click activation on Kustomer


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