Connect Aircall and Kustomer to manage high call volumes and see all customer inquiries in one place.

Aircall creates powerful cloud-based phone systems for sales and support teams. See how you can use Aircall to manage your team’s VOIP support in Kustomer.

Manage all customer interactions in one place

Aircall allows customer support agents to manage inbound or outbound calls and automatically build a customer profile in Kustomer. When a customer calls through Aircall, Kustomer loads the customer’s timeline for review and creates a note draft to take notes on the conversation. Agents can also see a record of missed calls or voicemails, and add comments to existing calls during or after they are completed.

Get context for every call

Agents automatically get the context of the inbound caller and can record events that happen during the phone call. They can review any previous inbound or outbound customer messages sent through email, text, chat, or Facebook Messenger, all without having to leave the Kustomer platform. Sign up for your 7 day free trial with Aircall.


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