Enhanced CRM Controls

Fully Manage User Access and Secure Your Customer Service Environment

Customize Exactly What Users Can See and Do

An omnichannel, customer-centric platform generates tons of data connected to your customers, and it takes the power of a CRM to manage it and drive smarter processes.

Enhanced CRM Controls enable you to fully manage Kustomer via dynamic object accessibility, user permissioning, and conversation filtering, unlocking platform customization to fit your organization’s needs and secure your data.

Create custom admin roles with the capability access they need.

Build order-specific customer views for your finance team.

Prevent agents-in-training from conducting conversations.

Data Permissioning Like a CRM, Now in a Customer Service Platform

Customization and Security Any Way You Want

Enhanced CRM Controls enable you to design teams and roles based on the exact customers, conversations, and objects you want them managing.

Optimize your billing team’s experience with order-specific timeline views. Enhanced CRM Controls help you protect sensitive data and transform Kustomer into a trusted system of record for every department and job function.

We’re Handing You Total Control

Here’s How It Works:

Standard & Custom Objects

Object-level configurations grant your organization unprecedented management of your customer data, whether that data is native or integrated into Kustomer.

Platform Settings

Full permissioning for every setting and capability, like reports, bulk messaging, KB management, or SLAs, transforms how you grant hierarchical control.


Extend Agent & Supervisor Roles

Sometimes your more-senior agents earn extra responsibilities, or you might need to protect certain core functionality. Either way, how you decide who can access your system capabilities should be up to you.

Every setting can be made viewable and usable, like reports, proactive capabilities, or SLAs, transforming how you grant hierarchical control.


Easily Create & Manage Permission Sets

With Kustomer, you’re no longer limited to all or nothing access. Flexible permissioning provides a more efficient experience in managing user access and building teams, eliminating the need to juggle dozens, if not hundreds, of user profiles.

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